Glamour Spotlight: Ninja (9/23/2016)


The preliminary patch notes came out today and oh boy am I excited, but— We'll talk more about all that stuff more on Monday, when we have the full notes. The most interesting stuff is going to be in the items and recipes anyway, at least for my purposes here! As I've mentioned, I've been working on … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Ninja (9/23/2016)

Looking Back: Ninja Glamour (circa Patch 2.5)


We're approaching Patch 3.4 at full speed now—there's just a week remaining! And as usual when we approach new Main Scenario Quests, I'm having misgivings about my current Ninja glamour (which is the one from the Fashion Ninjutsu's inaugural post). I've talked before about why, so I won't go into that again here. I do have … Continue reading Looking Back: Ninja Glamour (circa Patch 2.5)

Glamour Spotlight: Tanks (9/16/16)


In the continuing saga of my having trouble with tank glamours, I've been dissatisfied with my Hellfire Armor one for a bit now, mainly because of dyes and that it has the wide skirt that so much tank bodies on miqo'te females also have. I love the armor's overall profile, but with it going "metallic white," … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Tanks (9/16/16)

Looking Back: Bard Glamour (circa Patch 2.3)


Early in the 2.x series, I really disliked Bard. I started FFXIV as an Archer after much deliberation, since Ranger had been my original goal for Alahra back in FFXI and XIV didn't have much in the way of a traditional rogue archetype for class choices yet. I quickly tired of the gameplay, though, which began (what felt like) … Continue reading Looking Back: Bard Glamour (circa Patch 2.3)

Glamour Spotlight: Monk (9/12/2016)


I've always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Monk (even going back to FFXI). Along with Ninja, it's supposed to be one of Alahra's "canon" classes, but I've rarely enjoyed the gameplay enough to focus on it, which makes my decisions to gear it more at various points in time usually poor ones. … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Monk (9/12/2016)

Glamour Spotlight: Gatherers (9/9/2016)


Every now and then we get a new piece of gear that insists on being in as many of my glamours as possible. Things like this are almost always glasses or boots, with the Expeditioner's Thighboots being a big one that have been in a significant number of my looks. The Scion Healer's Halfboots are … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Gatherers (9/9/2016)

Glamour Spotlight: Casters (9/7/2016) | 100th Post!


I mentioned when I showcased my last healer glamour that I was working on using the Scion Healer's Robe for casters. I've had the glamour done for several days now but had other topics I wanted to discuss, so I'm only getting around to posting it now. I'll skip the length preamble since I've already … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Casters (9/7/2016) | 100th Post!

The State of Raiding in FFXIV: Difficulty Adjustments


This post is the continuation of my thoughts on raiding in FFXIV that I started last week. This isn't normally the kind of topic I cover, but given how important it is to the game as a whole, I've been thinking about it a lot now that we know the final tier of Alexander is … Continue reading The State of Raiding in FFXIV: Difficulty Adjustments

Glamour Spotlight: Bard (9/2/2016)


We interrupt your previously scheduled post on FFXIV raiding today to bring you another glamour because ultimately, that's more important. I got the glamour bug after the last post was complete but before it was scheduled to post and started playing around. I found something I really like (and another top I was surprised I … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Bard (9/2/2016)