Glamour Spotlight: Dragoon (2/24/17)


I mentioned last time that I was a bit stuck on Dragoon glamours and that I had been considering going back to an older one (which has remained one of the most popular posts on the site, for reasons unknown to me), at least temporarily. That thought actually put the seed of an idea in my head, … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Dragoon (2/24/17)

Glamour Spotlight: Healers (2/22/17)


Yeah, I know I said I was gonna shoot for a Dragoon glamour this week. That's probably not going to happen—after playing around with it, I couldn't find anything I liked alongside the Heavy Fillibuster's Gambison of Maiming. I do need a new Dragoon glamour, though. As folks may recall, my current one (wow, that's from … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight: Healers (2/22/17)

Full Stormblood Trailer & Samurai!


I'm sure most people who read this blog already know the big news from the weekend, but just in case you haven't seen it, the full Stormblood trailer was released at the Frankfurt FanFest: The second half of the trailer reveals one very big surprise: in addition to going liberating Ala Mihgo, we're apparently going … Continue reading Full Stormblood Trailer & Samurai!

Glamour Spotlight (Alt): Tanks (2/10/17)


On the one hand, I'm still struggling to work out a tank glamour on Alahra, which has more or less stalled my 270 Light grind for Paladin indefinitely. On the other, I've had a working tank glamour for my alt Lynahra for a several weeks now. I hadn't gotten around to posting it since I've … Continue reading Glamour Spotlight (Alt): Tanks (2/10/17)