Glamour Spotlight: Healers (8/26/2016)


This won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but as soon as I saw Y’shtola’s Heavensward outfit was available on the Mog Station, I bought it. I’d been hoping we would eventually get her outfit ever since she got her new threads in the Main Scenario, most especially because of her boots. The Scion Healer’s gear appeared in the game’s files a month or so ago (or maybe earlier, but that’s when I was first alerted to them!)—my original guess was that both that and the Scion Rogue’s gear (Thancred’s new outfit) would be the “secret” glamour items that come from FanFest tickets.

I’m glad I was wrong, though, since that meant we got these much earlier! You get three items total: the Scion Healer’s Robe, the Scion Healer’s Halfboots, and the Scion Healer’s Halftights. The last item is, as far as I can tell, the exact same model and color as the Lady’s Knickers (Black), which is kind of disappointing (makes the set kind of nice for folks who don’t already have the Knickers, of course). Despite that, though, this package has a lot more usability than the previous female Scion ones, since some of those were multislot items that you couldn’t mix and match. The set also comes with Y’shtola’s new haircut, much like the Minfillia “costume” did for hers.

Naturally, I wanted to use the set for a glamour. I debated back and forth between casters and healers, since casters really don’t have a lot in the way of solid boot options, but in the end I felt the style of the robe was better suited to the casting animations for healers versus those for Black Mage, specifically. I was fairly conflicted, since I was really happy with my last healer glamour, but I can always go back to it later if I think of another way to use some of these.

Glamour Components
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Dalamud Red Dye) | Body: Scion Healer’s RobeHands: Augmented Hailstorm Gloves of Healing (Pure White Dye) | Legs: Light Steel Subligar (Dalamud Red Dye) | Feet: Scion Healer’s Halfboots

In a lot of ways, this look is a return to form for me for healers: I’ve been glamouring robes and tabards with the Light Steel Subligar and thighboots (the item names of boots are starting to get a little funny, honestly, as I don’t think I would call these halfboots at all) for almost as long as we’ve had glamour. I’ve had various glamours that follow the same pattern (I was actually planning to show off an old Bard one that did today, before this new stuff got added to the Mog Station), and I suppose in a lot of ways it’s my “default” look.

Color combinations were really straightforward here. A little red to match the red on the robe and the platforms on the boots, and white for the gloves to line up with the sleeves. I’m rather happy with the way the Hailstorm Gloves blend in with the Scion Healer’s Robe—unless you look closely, they generally look like they’re part of the same est (aside from the grey on the inside of the gloves, anyway). I considered dying them Jet Black to match the boots, but I was afraid I wouldn’t like it in the end and didn’t want to blow the gil on one to test when I’m still getting money back from selling stock from Diabolos.

But, now that we got these, I’m really curious as to what we’ll get from FanFest for the glamour sets. It’s supposed to be one male set and one female set, and my money’s probably on FFX characters to go along with the FFX minions. I don’t know that I would do much with Yuna’s outfit, but I could see using Lulu or Rikku’s of the female characters. Getting Auron’s outfit for guys would be awesome, too, but I’d imagine if we do get a FFX outfit, it’ll be Tidus’s.

Looking Back: Monk Glamour (circa Patch 3.1)


The reconstitution of my gil hoard continues on Balmung, so I’m still not actively hunting for new glamours (though I’ve definitely got the itch too, which is killing me). Something or other made me think of another old Monk glamour, though, and it’s actually probably one of my all time favorites.

After I finished spending Esoterics for Ninja in early Heavensward, for some reason I decided that Monk was going to be my “official” secondary after Ninja. Why I thought going double melee was a good idea I can’t really tell you, but I think in a lot of ways it came down to glamour possibilities because I really liked the Tantra Chestwrap. After I finished getting Monk’s Esoterics gear, though, I pretty much completely stopped playing it (which should really be expected, since my Ninja was always going to be better geared).

Still got some cool glamours out of the deal, though! This one came hot off the heels of my obsession with the Amatsu Attire, so it shares some components with one of my Ranged DPS glamours from around the same time.

Glamour Components
Head: Amatsu HaghiganeBody: Tantra Chestwrap | Hands: Amatsu TekkoLegs: Hempen Pantalettes (Dalamud Red Dye) | Feet: Amatsu Sune-Ate

The red and white on the Chestwrap work rather well with the Amatsu pieces, and of course, this one also meets my preference for body pieces that have a major white component. I’m actually not fond of the way the Chestrwap dyes at all, since it tends to lose a lot of what makes it pop when you take away the white. It doesn’t help that it has a variety of colors, too, of course (which never plays all that well with dye). There’s something that’s very “Amano” about the set as a whole, if you think back to a lot of the older Final Fantasy character designs. That does make it difficult to work with in many ways, but it’s definitely very striking (oh hey, a gear pun!) when you can make it work.

As best as I can recall, this is only one of two instances where I’ve used the Hempen Pantalettes in a glamour. The Lady’s Knickers (White) sort of worked here (and I’m pretty sure they’re what I started with, but they didn’t quite match the fabric on the body piece, which made them seem out of place. The Pantalettes don’t either, of course, but since they’re dyeable, they blend in with the red sash much better, and the white trim on them keys off of the top even if it’s not all that visible.

I did, when I pulled out everything to play dress-up for the screenshots, test out the newer Gryphonskin Pantalettes to see if they might work. Because of their dyeing pattern, though, they don’t mesh in the same way the others do. They do that annoying two-tone thing, and there’s just no pink on the rest of the outfit to work with. They do look better than the Lady’s Knickers in Pure White, but they still clash in a way that makes me prefer the Hempen ones in Dalamud Red.

Friday’s post will probably be another older glamour, going back to some much older ARR/2.x stuff. But these things are subject to change!

New Job Speculation (4.0)


As readers from the Twitterverse may know, I transferred to Balmung last night. Part of that means I’m in the process of selling a lot of stuff I carried over from Diabolos so I can have a comfortable amount of capital again (that 1 million gil limit is a pain in the neck, even when you’ve taken advantage of ways around it like alt characters and such). So, while I’m getting comfortable on my new home, I’m probably not going to do much in the way of glamour this week, so I can avoid splurging on glamour prisms and rare dyes (mostly Jet Blacks) for a little while.

That means I’ll probably be doing some more general posts this week (though I do often end up glamouring when I say I won’t since I can’t help myself, so who knows?), and the biggest thing on my mind right now is what new classes/jobs we’re going to get 4.0. Around this time last year, all I could do was speculate about Ninja, since we knew it was coming in 2.4: would it use Striking Gear? Would it use Aiming Gear? Would it have its own set of gear? and so on. I went back and forth for hours in my main social LS because I love talking about this stuff way too much.

We don’t have anything immediately relevant to talk about class-wise like we did during ARR, though. We’re (very sadly, for me at least) not getting a new class mid-expansion, but with all of my jobs at level 60, I’m really itching for something new to level. I suppose, in a way, speculating like this helps me scratch at least a little bit of that itch.


Of course, there are some caveats in mind. I’m assuming we’re going to get three new jobs like we did with 3.0. We might get one job, two jobs, or even four jobs (I think there’s a small chance we could get four since we “kind of” got four if you include Ninja still being pretty new at the time). I’m also not yet convinced we’ll see a job for all three main roles—I think the team may want the design space to grow a little for healers especially, but also potentially for tanks. I’m going to assume that all future jobs will be “Extra Jobs” in the way DRK, MCH, and AST were, so we probably won’t see any new base classes for whatever we get in 4.0, either.

With those two things in mind, I almost positive we’re going to see Samurai and Red Mage added for 4.0, whether we get anything else. The third job is more of a wild card—we don’t have many juicy tidbits to go off of, whereas we have some pretty strong hints regarding the first two. I suspect it will be a healer or a tank, and while there has been a slightly subtle hint that it could possibly be Blue Mage, I’m not positive we’ll see that just yet (though, if they follow any of the aesthetic style from FFXI’s Blue Mage, I could see it fitting in well with an Ala Mihgo expansion).



Last year during the Rising anniversary event, in-game dialogue had Yoshi-P/The Wandering Minstrel pretty directly hint that we’re going to be getting Samurai and Red Mage. Samurai in particular is probably going to feel a little weird narratively—I assume we’ll see some connection to the Doman clans in some way (likely through Lady Yugiri), since the story seems to be coming back around to many of the plot threads that Heavensward has thus far mostly left up in the air. But despite the narrative awkwardness (ideally, Samurai and Ninja would have been introduced together, as they were in FFXI), the class is too much in demand for them to put it off any longer, if I had to guess.

I fully expect that Samurai will be a melee DPS. Yoshi-P commented sometime before Heavensward that he felt the class should be a DPS, and with Samurai likely being one of the most popular “Final Fantasy” classes alongside Dark Knight, I can’t see them pulling the “let’s make this class people think of as a DPS into a tank” card again so soon. There’s also been something of a looming problem when it comes to raid gearing for a long time: most of the game’s jobs share raid gear (three for Fending, three for Healing, two for Csating, and two for Aiming at present, versus one each for Maiming, Striking, and Scouting).

Thematically, of course, there’s a reason for this, since each of these could be argued to be something of a different “armor class” (though I think the distinction between Scouting and Striking is kind of silly and they should have just kept putting Dexterity on Striking gear for Ninja). But that means right now that melee are kind of “special snowflakes” for their left-side gear, and I suspect the team is going to work on filling the “gaps” in the various “armor classes” over the next couple of expansions, which means Samurai is probably going to share Maiming gear with Dragoon. This also suggests to me we’ll see a Striking class in 5.0, for what it’s worth, if I’m actually right—and I may not be!

As far as Samurai’s Weaponskill system and mechanics go, I can only throw out wild guesses. I do think we’ll see them get a Slashing debuff, which will hopefully allow for some more flexibility in group composition. Ninja is at present a staple in most progression groups, which in turn means Warrior is a staple (though Warrior is largely already a staple, admittedly). Another melee with the Slashing debuff would potentially make Paladin/Dark Knight a more reasonable choice in the future (since Ninja gains DPS by being able to drop Dancing Edge with a Warrior in the party).

My current “wish” for Samurai is that their Weaponskill system works in a manner not unlike Mudra: rather than having rigid combos, I think it would be fun if they instead got to create varied combos that result in different finishing effects based on the order the Actions are executed in. If they go full cool factor, they’d even bring something sort of like the “Skillchain” Effects from FFXI for this, but that’s my nostalgia talking, admittedly.

Red Mage


Red Mage is so hard to pin down. While plenty of folks are worried about the job fitting into FFXIV’s three-role system, I’m not worried about that per say. Historically, throughout the Final Fantasy series, Red Mages have always been able to perform White and Black Magic while wielding swords, but outside of the first title in the series, they’ve never been particularly good at all three at the same time. Normally, they’ve been solid in two of the three, with the third being less effective (most often, the melee aspect is fairly downplayed, but it’s more important in some of the titles, such as the Tactics Advance games). Whatever form Red Mage takes in FFXIV, I suspect its primary role will determine which of the two areas it focuses on.

Because of my thought that the team will work on filling out the “armor classes,” I mostly expect that Red Mage will use Casting gear, and will thus most likely be a DPS class, with some healing abilities. Whether the class is a melee or ranged (primarily, anyway) DPS is up to debate, though. Making Red Mage a melee DPS would probably feel a little strange given the expected emphasis on casting times for any Black or White Magic they have, but it’s possible their unique spells may all be instant-cast to get around that.

I think a case could be made for Red Mage being a healer too, since Casting gear and Healing gear already share models most of the time. This would probably de-emphasize the melee aspects of the class pretty heavily, though, since mechanics that specifically target healers would tend to get pretty messy if Red Mages were expected to be in melee for their “Cleric Stance.” It’s still a possibility, of course (other games, such as WoW, have had melee healers before), but it would potentially constrain encounter design in a way that I’m not sure the development team would like.

There is also a sort of “off-the-wall” case for Red Mage being a tank. They’ve traditionally worn at least moderate armor. In terms of abilities, the tank role in FFXIV actually fits Red Mage quite well: it’s melee-centric, would allow for healing spells and defensive cooldowns like Phalanx and Blink from FFXI, and offensive black magic could be used for AoE threat. However, most Fending gear is a lot heavier than what we traditionally see on Red Mages, so without something weird (such as a trait that increases the armor values of Casting gear), I can’t really see this being likely, because it would probably create all sorts of conflicts for gearing during raid progression.

Since it’s hard to say which role will end up fitting Red Mage, it’s also hard to say what kind of things we’ll see for action and spell wise. I expect we’ll see some emphasis on elemental weapon enhancements (like Rune Fencers in some FF titles or Red Mages in FFXI), and of course we can expect some flashy attack spells. Since they’ll probably use various fencing swords, I expect their animations will end up being very agile as well, and involve a lot of “flair.”

The Wild Card


The last job, assuming we do in fact get three, pretty much completely up in the air. If, as I suspect, we’re going to get two DPS jobs in Samurai and Red Mage, the other job is almost certainly going to be a tank or healer since the team probably remembers how awful wait times for duties were when Ninja was released in 2.4. If we get four jobs, then we’ll probably see both, but I have no idea what a potential fourth job could even be.

I do think Blue Mage is possible—there was a small hint in last year’s Rising event in which a pair of NPCs discussed what would come after “black and red” (that is, Black and Red Mages). One of them decides that “blue” is naturally next (I think the other one said “green,” but it’s been awhile, and Green Mage’s abilities are thematically a bit like Arcanist’s usually). That’s a long shot, though: I’d actually expect it was meant more as a teaser for the far future (as in, 5.0 or later).

Mechanically, “learning” Blue Magic would probably all take place during job quests, each one involving you hunting or finding a rare creature from which to learn your job abilities. Role wise, there have been a number of healing Blue Magic spells throughout Blue Magic’s appearances in various titles in the series, so I suspect Blue Mage will be some sort of healer whenever we do ultimately see it, even if it’s not in 4.0. Though Blue Mage was a competent melee fighter in FFXI, I can’t see that showing up in FFXIV, since it would overlap thematically with Red Mage a lot, and most other appearances of Blue Magic involve caster-types (whether in job-system games or in those with set characters, such as Quistis or Quina from FF8 and FF9, respectively).

Dancer, probably using ribbons as a weapon as they normally have (as opposed to daggers in FFXI) could show up as an evasion-based tank (not likely due to armor concerns, I would think) or (more likely) a healer, or perhaps a “melee support DPS” that would probably use Scouting gear and Aiming gear like Ninja (this would probably only happen if Red Mage were a healer or something though, rather than a DPS). I could see it fitting in with an Ala Mihgan expansion thematically.

But I also suspect at least one of the jobs we get will be a little “unexpected” in the way that Astrologian was. No one was really surprised by Dark Knight, and Yoshi had been talking about a gun-based class for a long time, so Machinist (with its ties to Engineering characters such as Edgar FF6 and Mustadio from FFT) wasn’t really “out of the ordinary.” Astrologian, though, didn’t have a lot of history in the rest of the series, outside of the FFT games outside of the main line of games. The FFT series in particular has a wealth of jobs we could potentially see, but we don’t really have many hints to really guess where they might be going.

So those are, presently anyway, my thoughts on what we’ll see for new classes in 4.0. With the Rising event coming soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some more hints, though, and of course Fan Fest is on the horizon, where we can reasonably expect we’ll get at least one Job announcement!

Glamour Spotlight: Healers (8/19/2016)


So, even though I really liked my last healer glamour, I’ve hardly healed any content at all since I finished it. That usually means I need to change something about it. I decided a few days ago that one of the things I was missing was glasses: since I’ve normally been a Scholar for just about all of my healing (though I like White Mage for speedrunning dungeons), they’re something I almost always have on my healer glamours.

Since I knew I was going back to glasses, I initially thought I would try and make a SCH-specific look again. Since that normally means Scholar’s or Savant’s Culottes, I pulled out an old standby for the body piece: the Holy Rainbow Shirt of Healing. I’ve used it before (it was the body for my very first healer glamour on the site!), but I’ve never been happy with how it dyes for the most part, since it does one of those awkward two-tone things, which doesn’t match with the two-tone pattern for the Culottes (rendering them largely unusable together).

All of the Holy Rainbow Shirts have interesting default colors, though, so I thought I would see what I could do with the default version of the Healing one. I through it on over my existing body piece and removed the dye, and…I actually really liked the way it looked with everything else, much to my surprise.

Glamour Components
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Colibri Pink Dye) | Body: Holy Rainbow Shirt of HealingHands: Augmented Hailstorm Gloves of Healing (Pure White Dye) | Legs: Yafaemi Trousers of HealingFeet: Best Man’s Gaiters (Plum Purple Dye)

I did play around with a few things (like the High Allagan Pantaloons), but the color scheme of everything else worked really well. The main changes from the last glamour were the replacement of the circlet with my favorite glasses and a change for the shoes. The High House Halfboots did fit sort of strangely with the Trousers, and I found that I really liked the Best Man’s Gaiters here (they’re also something I’ve never used before, which I always think is neat).

As far as I remember, this is also the first time I’ve used any shades of pink in a glamour. While the shirt itself is more of a light purple, I much preferred the Colibri Pink for the glasses. I really like how the glow of the Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos sort of matches the sash on the undyed shirt, though, and so I figured pink would be a good fit for it, too, and at that point, it made the most sense to match the glasses, since both items have metallic parts.

I do have a history of changing healer glamours not long after I find a new one “by accident,” so I suppose we’ll see how long this one lasts! For now I think it’ll get me through a few dungeon runs at least, which is more than I can say about the last one.

Looking Back: Tank Glamour (circa Patch 2.4)


Now that I’ve finished my Guillotine of the Tyrant, I’ve learned two things: 1) it doesn’t go with my present tank glamour at all; and 2) I really don’t like the look of it. It’s much too large for a smaller-framed character, and of course, it also looks really “evil,” which isn’t the best fit for Alahra. So, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do about that. I don’t generally like to glamour over my Anima weapons, especially the ones that are at the current final stage, since they do take a lot of time to complete. I want the reward for all that effort to be immediately visible.

I realized when I logged in today and started thinking about tank glamours that I also really miss a more mobile look for my tanks. The Augmented Hellfire Armor is a great looking piece, but the long aspect of it definitely kind of bugs me. If the Fending version were more like the Striking version, it’d probably be a bit easier for me to stick with for a long time.

That got me thinking back to one of the first tank glamours I really liked.

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Wootz CuirassHands: Replica High Allagan Gauntlets of Fending (Mole Brown Dye) | Legs: Noct Breeches (Wine Red Dye) | Feet: Replica Heavy Allagan Flanchard (Mole Brown Dye)

Right off the bat, you can probably tell I updated the glamour slightly for this post, since the Replicas didn’t exist back then. The Heavy Allagan Flanchard had pretty much always been my mainstay back then, though. I didn’t use the High Allagan Gauntlets in those days (for one because I didn’t have them and also because they don’t quite match the Flanchard unless you dye them). I seem to recall using the Augmented Gallant Gauntlets in Mole Brown to match the Flanchard as best as I could, but my memory is admittedly fuzzy here.

This look actually came together as a result of me finally gearing up my tanks after 2.2-2.3. I was finally picking up gear for them again, something I hadn’t really done for most of the Second Coil tier. I liked the way the Noct Breeches looked with the Heavy Allagan Flanchard, and I got the Wootz Cuirass so I didn’t have to spend Soldiery on the absolutely hideous Noct Lorica. Since I generally prefer for Alahra to be in white where possible, I got attached to the look quickly, and it resulted in my playing Paladin a lot more for quite awhile.

While I was preparing for this post, I actually considered trying to work this into a glamour for present day. Since I play Dark Knight primarily, though, I’m not sure I can make it work, because the Weathered Burtgang and Weathered Noct Hoplon actually played a really large part in creating a cohesive look for this one. Dark Knight doesn’t have any weapons that really work with that color scheme (and sadly, the Wootz Cuirass doesn’t play very nicely when dyed, either).

I may still play around with it in the coming days and see if I can’t find something that really clicks, though. One thing I do know is that I’m probably going to end up using the Heavy Allagan Flanchard again. I’ve missed it since switching over to the Augmented Hellfire Sabatons.

Glamour Spotlight: Machinist (8/15/2016)


It feels like ages ago, but for awhile I was planning to make a Machinist-specific glam using the Machinist’s Goggles and Machinist’s Shirt. I never got around to doing that, though, since I started playing Bard more regularly and eventually moved to the shared Aiming gear. I was pretty happy with my Aiming glamour, so I hadn’t really thought about either piece in awhile.

Yesterday, though, I got the 240 Augmented Torrent Tights of Aiming. Whenever I get a new piece of dyeable gear, I always take a look at it to see if it dyes in an interesting way. Much to my surprise, unlike the Scouting equivalent of these tights, the Aiming ones have a much nicer “leather sheen” when dyed, and that sparked my glamour itch, and I suppose the Machinist’s gear had been hiding in the back of my mind, because the Shirt was one of the first things I went to.

Glamour Components
 (Antiquated) Machinist’s GogglesBody: Machinist’s Shirt (Jet Black Dye) | Hands: Bogatyr’s Gloves of AimingLegs: Augmented Torrent Tights of Aiming (Jet Black Dye) | Feet: Sky Pirate’s Boots of Aiming (Jet Black Dye)

As usual, I defaulted to the Bogatyr’s Thighboots of Aiming initially, but something about them seemed off with the Torrent Tights. The difference in the tone of the blacks  between the two didn’t quite work. At that point, I remembered the Sky Pirate’s Boots—a pair that I’d made a long time ago but never really gotten around to using. They dye with that similar leather sheen and (I found this out after I had them glamoured already), they actually have a little bit of a red-orange spot on the back that matches the goggles, which is the kind of little detail that I love.

Sadly, I couldn’t keep the Ironworks Vambraces of Aiming here, as the blues didn’t fit in with anything else on the outfit. They’re probably my favorite Aiming gloves (especially for MCH), and they look great with the Padjali Revolver, but they had to go. The Bogatyr’s Gloves have are a black that’s closer in character to the black on the Machinist’s Shirt, which works well. I don’t think they’re perfect (I would prefer longer gloves since I’m not a huge fan of the Shirt’s sleeves), but they were the most fitting pair that I could find.

That about covers it for this one—overall, it was a pretty easy glamour to put together. I didn’t have any major trouble or handwringing to worry about. All of the pieces dye very nicely and complement each other well, which is nice after all the trouble I’v ehad with Ninja!

Fashion Frustration: Dyes


Those readers who follow me on Twitter have been treated to several whiny tweets all centering around my NIN glamour over the course of last night and this morning. I’m frustrated about a number of things, from dorky things like not wanting to wear all black when Alahra’s title is The White to general frustrations with the Iga Ningi that I’ve talked about before, but what’s really bugging me right now is that the system for Dyes in FFXIV just doesn’t seem to have strong underlying principles, resulting in the whole thing feeling oftentimes inconsistent. I suspect this is because the team determines how each and every item dyes, individually, rather than the Dyes themselves operating according in a single, codified manner.

There seem to exist three main ways that any given item will dye: 1) the item will mostly take on the shade of the chosen color and another, lighter version of that color; 2) the item will take on the shade of the chosen color and another, darker version of that color; or 3) the item will take on the chosen color and nothing else, with significant parts of the item not changing in color at all. All of these, individually, are often no big deal, but when mixing items from disparate sets, if you have one item that follows the first way and another item that follows the second (or third) way, it can often be impossible to make them really match (this is especially made worse by the fact that many of the “secondary” colors don’t match any of the Dyes we have available to us, so you can’t use different shades of say, blue, to create a unified look). This frequently means that you can only use items together that all fall under the same “pattern” if you want things to be cohesive across your look.

Even within the three given possibilities, the way given items dye doesn’t seem to follow much in the way of a procedure. Take the Iga Attire for Ninja, for instance. By default, the set has two colors: it’s primarily black, with various bits being blue. This holds true across the entire set. While there are other colors, they’re not part of the main aesthetic.

When you dye the set, however, it takes on a two-tone appearance like the second pattern: the primary color and a darker version of that color. The bizarre thing, however, is that the dye splits the black portions of the item, rather than keeping all of the black portions the same color (in the screenshot above, white) and making the blue portions the grey color. The blue largely stays: but the even weirder part is that, on the body, some of the blue does become grey: the chainmail on the sleeves. This results in the dyed Iga items having three colors to worry about, instead of the two that it has in the default color scheme. It just feels like the secondary colors, when dyed, are assigned to the wrong portion of the item, or aren’t applied consistently, and that makes really well-designed items in their default colors have a completely different look just from a simple color change. It’s awkward.

Other times, even items from the same set don’t dye with complete consistency, with shared elements dyeing in different ways, resulting in mismatching. The female Expeditioner’s Attire provides a decent example of what I mean.

The straps on the Expeditioner’s Pantalettes match the default color of the corresponding Thighboots, but the parts that dye on them are different! When you dye the Pantalettes, the straps stay the same color, but everything brown that matches the straps on the Thighboots goes two-tone. They would work much better if, at the least, the leather cinch at the top of the boots would stay brown (or if the straps on the Pantalettes dyed).

I think if I had to choose one of the dyeing patterns to be the default, it would actually be the third type (with one of the item’s main color staying no matter what), as it actually gets around both of these common issues, and also provides a solid basis for combining items from different sets together.

The most recent example is the new Ironworks gear. It actually dyes with a blend of the second and third ways, but the crucial thing here is that the “secondary” color only affects minor parts of the top. That way, it doesn’t become something you need to really work around when you’re creating a new look. With the black color sticking around, you’ve got plenty of ways to pair gloves and boots in black to go along with it, and you’re not stuck trying to match that dark secondary shade with other parts of your glamour.

So, the point of the story is that I haven’t gotten anywhere in my renewed attempts to finally get that perfect look with the Iga Ningi. For now, I’m back to my old standby because I was tired of not looking like a Ninja, but it’s not where I want to be.