Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #1

When it came to leveling (51-60) gear, Heavensward was a bit of a mixed bag for glamour. We got a lot of new and unique stuff for dungeons, but a large amount of the crafted (“white”) pieces were palette swaps of old gear. That worked out all right for some things, as a few really nice pieces (like the Arachne Bolero and the Fistfighter’s Jackcoat) got opened up for other classes to use. Sometimes, though, we got palette swaps that didn’t expand glamour options (though they occasionally did offer a new base color scheme, such as with the Serpentskin Tights of Casting).

There were, however, a couple new sets for Disciple of the Hand/Land classes, which gave us the Dhamelskin Fringe Boots and Serpentskin Fringe Boots, which I fell in love with almost immediately—mostly because they’re similar to the Calmecac Trousers from FFXI in style. I decided early on that I wanted to use them in a glamour for Machinist (which I had originally intended to be my secondary DPS class, though that honor has fallen to Black Mage for now), shooting for some sort of cowgirl/Wild West Aesthetic.

I never actually got around to it, since I didn’t particularly care for Machinist’s gameplay post-52. Recently, though, I had the itch to play dress-up and decided to do something about it, since I hadn’t changed the look of my Bard or Machinist significantly in a long time. Though I had experimented with other looks on the road to 60 for both jobs, I nearly always ended up going back to the rather stylish Kirimu Coat after a day or two.

After several hours of experimentation and consultation with my best fashionista, as well as a lot of hand-wringing over wanting to use the same top as my healer glamour (which I’ll probably be showcasing soon), here’s what I ended up with:

Glamour Components
(none) | Body: Shirt of the Divine Light | Hands: Foestriker’s Mitts | Legs: Lady’s Knickers (Black) | Feet: Serpentskin Fringe Boots

This outfit works for a number of classes (outside of the gloves), as every job has access to a reskin of the Shirt of the Divine Light at level 52, the Holy Rainbow Shirt. These reskins dye in a two-tone pattern which doesn’t quite match the two-tone pattern that the Serpentskin/Dhamelskin Fringe Boots dye with, though, so it’s probably best to try to work around the undyed version of the shirt, in my opinion, for creating a similar look.

Overall, I’m actually incredibly happy with this, as the reds and lighter browns all blend together very well, despite none of the pieces being from the same gear set. While I experimented with the Archaeoskin Jackcoats for the look, the more ruffled look of the Shirt of the Divine Light was really the best overall fit.

More than likely, I’ll be showcasing my current glamour for healer classes next, since it happens to use the Holy Rainbow Shirt of Healing and thus has some similarities with this one.

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