Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #1

Finding a suitable glamour for tank jobs has always been a real challenge for me. The small frames of miqo’te make them ill-suited for a lot of heavier armor, and besides all that, there’s just not a lot of opportunity for a tank look to really “pop.” I’m also not the hugest fan of the current trend for tank body pieces to resemble armored robes more than anything else (as that takes away from the appeal of a good skirt!).  Consequently, most of the time, my tank glamours either end up looking “low-level” (relying almost exclusively on the Mythril Cuirass), which always kind of bugs me at level 60, or not really meeting my normal preferences for style.

This, combined with my general anxiousness regarding the responsibilities of tanking itself, has resulted in my rarely playing any of the three tank jobs, despite having moderate gear for them (and even i200 weapons for both Paladin and Dark Knight). Even when I find a look I’m happy with, that satisfaction only lasts for a little while, and my tanks end up in the dustbin until some new glamour spark hits me.

That’s kind of where I am with my current tank glamour:

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Coat of the Defiant Duelist | Hands: Gloves of the Defiant Duelist | Legs: Chimerical Felt Breeches of Fending (Loam Brown Dye) | Feet: Heavy Allagan Flanchard

While I ultimately got the “warrior-mage” aesthetic I was aiming for (since my preferred tanking class right now is Dark Knight) I’m not really satisfied with this one. The Coat of the Defiant Duelist is almost too dominant in color and profile, which really constrains what can be used with it to create a coherent look. My tank look will almost certainly be taken back to the drawing board soon, as something definitely needs to change here.

The last of my level 60 Disciple of War/Magic roles is caster, which I’ll be covering soon (probably on Monday, but perhaps this weekend if I feel like another longer post).

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