Fashion Frustrations: Witch’s Coatee

My Data Center is currently facing login difficulties, so I paged through a bunch of my screenshots to see if I could find something to talk about. I stumbled on this one:


I’ve always loved the general shape of the crafting Coatees, but the puffy area near the shoulders has always bugged me, so I’ve only used them for a few glamours over the past couple years, like this one (which I used for BLM in the ancient days of Patch 2.2):


The Witch’s Coatee gets rid of that particular annoyance, but it replaces it with another one: the All Saint’s Wake bow and corresponding pumpkin. This does two things that are problematic for me: 1) it makes glamours using it feel odd outside of the Fall seasons; and 2) makes it impossible to use with much outside of the corresponding Witch’s Gloves and Witch’s Thighboots, because the orange used in the outfit don’t match any currently existing orange dye.

The top has a third problem in that it comes pre-attached to the frilly skirt shown in the first shot, which somewhat limits what you can use with the top for Leg and Feet pieces and makes any look you use it for take on a sort of “cutesy” look that’s not always desired.

I’m quite hopeful that they’ll reuse the modified Coatee for something else in the future, though, with a less stubborn bow and hopefully without the corresponding skirt.

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