Fashion Favorites: Scholar’s Culottes

Even before the Glamour system was officially added to FFXIV, I was fairly obsessed with appearances, and it all started when I saw someone wearing the Argute Culottes with the Allagan Boots of Healing, not long after I had finally settled on Scholar as my temporary main (until NIN’s eventual release). Up until that point, I was stubbornly avoiding the Binding Coil of Bahamut raids, as I’ve always considered myself a non-raider, but not long after that I decided I wanted to at least get far enough into it to get those boots.

I don’t even remember how many runs it took me to get them—I had absolutely atrocious luck, and ultimately wasn’t able to complete the look until Glamour was officially added. My first glamour naturally used both pieces, as well as the Allagan Gloves of Healing:

Not the best shot, but I no longer have the Allagan Gloves of Healing because I turned them in for Grand Company Seals… x.x But hey, old hairstyle, too!

After that point, just about every glamour I made for SCH involved the Argute Culottes or, more often, the Augmented Scholar’s Culottes, which can be dyed. Over the past couple years, I’ve found a number of tops that work pretty well with it, and I still keep them all around even if I don’t use SCH as my healer anymore. Six of my favorites from past and present follow. The glasses on display are the Oval Reading Glasses (Jet Black Dye), the gloves are the Saurian Gloves of Healing (Jet Black Dye) and the boots are the Warwolf Boots of Healing (Jet Black, again). The captions give the exact names of the body piece in each screenshot, for the curious.

As I mentioned, though, I don’t use SCH much anymore, so for the time being I’m not actually using the Culottes (since they wouldn’t display on my White Mage). After 3.2 uncaps Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics, I’ll likely pick up the rest of the Orison set for my WHM, though, and I can then have a unique look for my Scholar, too.

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