Fashion Frustrations: Bunny Bustier

I suppose it’s a problem of just about all novelty gear in FFXIV, but so many of the pieces which exist primarily for glamour are incredibly difficult to use—at least for those of us who care about our looks “making sense” for a particular class or job. I talked about the Witch’s Coatee over the weekend, and I have similar issues with another great-looking, unique piece, the Bunny Bustier from the Gold Saucer (dyed Jet Black in the shots below).

I actually did use this one for my Machinist for awhile (with a look similar to the one in the screenshots)—I wanted a “Gun Bunny” outfit as as a bit of a joke. This top is great for a few reasons: it’s one of the few nice options for middriff that isn’t race-specific; it’s one of the few form-fitting tops that doesn’t also have a really low-cut back (which is something else that just sort of bugs me for combat glamours); and the shoulders cut a pretty nice profile with longer gloves (especially the Witch’s Gloves, in my opinion).

But that damnable bow again ruins any hope of my ever using it for anything serious. It adds a certain levity to any look that uses it that just doesn’t work, especially if you imagine wearing it in any of the game’s Main Story Quests. I know plenty of folks don’t really care about these things, but I just can’t get past that barrier personally.

Beyond the bow, the triangular nature of the lower half is a bit problematic, too: it really limits the sort of leg-pieces you can use. Most leg pieces in the game are fairly high in the waist, which can often class with the point of the bustier. The most fitting options are usually bikini-shaped, but a few others (like the Miqo’te Loincloth or the various Dreadwyrm Tonban) also have a complementary shape. Of course, a lot of the available options are also tricky because of the bow, so it’s all sort of moot.

As with the Witch’s Coatee, I’d love to see a top that has a similar shape to the Bunny Bustier, as I could see it being useful for a lot of caster glamours, especially (I desperately tried to use it with the Orison Fingerless Gloves and the Orison Thighboots, for instance).

Of course, most of the issues with the Bunny Bustier also apply to its cousin, the Bunny Chief Bustier, but that doesn’t stop both of them from being great screenshot material:

The venue for this shot (which I also used to showcase my healer glamour awhile back) was used without permission and belongs to Skan Winternight. The layout was designed by the ever lovely Kitty Strife.


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