Fashion Frustrations: Wild Rose Attire

A common problem for my glamour endeavors tends to be sets we get that are tied to other Final Fantasy titles: the Guardian Corps Attire (from FFXIII), your Strife Attire (from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children), and so on. Elements of sets like these are often so iconic that it can be rather difficult to use individual pieces from them with other gear. Usually, though, with some experimentation, I can find some uses for at least one or two pieces of the sets.

That’s not the case with the most recent “throwback” set, though: the Wild Rose Attire (from FFII).

Even if you’re not all that familiar with FFII (I honestly couldn’t tell you the name of the character who wore this stuff), the Wild Rose Attire is pretty unique among gear in FFXIV. It’s got a pretty varied array of colors, and it combines a breastplate with things that are normally associated with lightly-armored jobs. In theory, that should mean it’s a pretty useful set for glamours all around. But a lot of things hold this set back, and I’ve actually struggled to use every piece of the set, which is why I’m talking about it as a whole, instead of picking on one piece in particular. Let’s start with the Wild Rose Bandanna:


This is actually one of the nicest looking bandannas in the game, in my opinion. It’s got a slightly different shape from many of the others, and the accessories on it are nice. But for one thing, it’s not dyable and the colors can’t be matched with existing dyes on other pieces of gear (which are problems that haunt the entire set, of course). But for some reason utterly unfathomable to me, the bandanna has Firon’s (I just Googled to find his name) hair attached to it! That makes it look really awkward on any character that has a different hair color or a style that doesn’t blend with it. They’ve done this once or twice before, and I really hope they don’t ever do it again.


Now, the Wild Rose Cuirass and the Wild Rose Breeches are probably the most usable pieces in the set. The Cuirass in particular great for Casters and Healers, who don’t have a lot of options for any sort of “armored” look. They suffer mainly from the problem of colors—you can just about approximate the blues involved with other dyes, but then you’re left dealing with the sort of “plastic” look on the central black part of the Cuirass. Most armor in the game either looks particularly metallic when dyed or has a very different sheen if it’s not. As a result, it can be especially hard to find gloves, gauntlets, and boots that work together with these. They do blend well enough with the Orthodox tank gear from Aery thanks to the silver on the shoulders (what doesn’t?), but other roles are left without a lot of viable options, unless they want to just use the entire set (and that’s no fun).

The Wild Rose Armguards aren’t too bad either, though they again suffer from the problem of color. The particularly combinations make them tricky to use with anything outside of the body itself, which cuts down on the possibilities somewhat. That being said, they are one of the nicer pairs of open-fingered gauntlets we have. If they were dyable (or we could better match the colors with the set—either one!), I could see a lot of potential use for them, as they don’t really evoke one type of style.


When it comes to the Wild Rose Boots, my biggest complaint is the weird flared tops that they have. I can’t find an instance of Firion art that has boots like these at all, so they don’t really match his normal look. They’re also somewhat awkwardly short, which makes them clash with the very pants they’re supposed to work with (at least in my eyes). Of course, as with the rest of the set, they really suffer from the unique colors and the inability to be dyed.

All in all, I actually really want to love this set. The bandanna would be great for Monk or Bard if it weren’t for the unnecessary wig problem. The body, hands, and legs work well for any number of potential looks, and the body in particular provides for ways to create looks you couldn’t do on Disciples of Magic. The boots…well, honestly, I can’t think of any good reasons to really use them, but I’m also biased against really short footwear most of the time.

I just wish they would make the set dyable. It’s the only set based off of a previous FF character that isn’t dyable at this point. Sometimes, the gear has been made dyable later (as was the case with the Guardian Corps stuff), but you would have thought they would have made this one dyable from the get-go, like they did (for instance) with the Gambler’s Attire from the Gold Saucer (granted, that set has its own “unmatchable colors” problems, so I might talk about it in greater detail at another time). We’re also getting Tantalus Attire soon (after Zidane’s look from FFIX), so I’m hoping that they won’t duplicate the problems with the Wild Rose Attire and make that one dyable from day one.

For now, though, I need to get back to the game itself! There are a few things I need to take care of before the maintenance tonight. I’m going to have a blast going through all of the new gear and figuring out what to do wit hall the new options we’re getting, that’s for sure.

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