Glamour Spotlight Double Feature: Dark Knight & Paladin | One Month Lookback

I don’t have any major glamour updates yet. I’m mid-process for healer after having made the Replica High Allagan Pantaloons, though, and I’m also considering some changes to my Ninja look after making the Eikon Cloth Sleeves and Eikon Leather Thighboots. But these are slow, incremental processes, especially in the case of Ninja—since it’s my main job, I’m far more picky about its look than I am with anything else in the game.

The day 3.2 hit, though, I took advantage of the new pricing for older PvP gear from Wolf Marks to get my Paladin some new digs, and thanks to the reduced pricing for Esoterics gear, I also got enough Job Specific gear for it that I can have separate looks for both Paladin and Dark Knight. Naturally, I have used this great power to make them look functionally the same, since I had grown really attached to the look for Dark Knight I ended up with before the patch:

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Lionliege/Lynxfang Cuirass (no dye/Ul Brown Dye) Hands: Lionliege/Lynxfang Gauntlets (no dye/Ul Brown Dye) | Legs: Dhalmelskin Breeches of Fending (Jet Black/Dark Purple Dye) | Feet: Sky Pirate’s Boots of Fending (Jet Black/Dark Purple Dye)

Not much changed in general for the look, but I did get the gauntlets that correspond to the bodies for both jobs. Generally, I’m far more fond of the look for Paladin since it has the always striking combo of black and silver (and who doesn’t love Corwin of Amber?). Hopefully within the next week, I’ll also have the Almace and Ancile combo for Paladin (I’m in love with the tank changes and have made Paladin my highest priority after Ninja), which should look great alongside the Lionliege stuff. Until then, I’m going with the Lionliege Blade and Shield, which look great with the set, of course, though once drawn they’re…kind of evil-looking… >.>


Really cool, though! Just…not exactly very fitting for Paladin, and especially a bit off for Alahra, since she’s supposed to be a Lawful Good, crusader type (for those of you that are fellow D&D nerds).


Beyond all that, I’ve been blogging for a month now! That’s kind of a big deal to me, as this is the first blog out of many that I’ve ever maintained interest in long enough to keep regularly updated for this long. With that in mind, I went back through my old posts to see which ones had proven the most popular (in terms of views), out of curiosity. The top five for this first month have been:

  • #1: Introduction/Glamour Spotlight: Ninja. This one isn’t really surprising, of course, since it’s the original post and has had the most time on the web.
  • #2: Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS (Bard/Machinist). Like the very first post, this one’s had plenty of time for exposure.
  • #3: Fashion Frustrations: Witch’s Coatee. This one surprised me quite a bit, though I think it got a lot of traffic since I posted it in response to one of the Data Center’s crashing and people were probably busy on Twitter instead of the game! It probably helps that the Witch’s Coatee is adorable.
  • #4: Glamour Spotlight: Healers. Another old one. This is one of my favorite glamours, and in a way, I’m sad to move away from it now that I have the High Allagan Pantaloons.
  • #5: FFXI Throwback: Ninja. This is the most surprising one of all, to me. I didn’t think there would be much interest in FFXI. I still haven’t managed to figure out how to get quality screenshots out of that game without using third-party apps, which is kind of irritating, but I’d like to do some more of these sometime.

So far, I’ve been having a lot of fun doing this, and I’m grateful for everyone that reads these to indulge my inner fashionista. So long as I’m playing FFXIV (and that’s probably going to be going on for awhile!), I’m probably going to be keeping up with this, so I’m hopeful this will have been just the first month out of many!

Thanks also to everyone who has been reading and commented on the blog itself, on Facebook, on Twitter, and even in game!

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