Glamour Spotlight: Healers #3

It’s that time again (and it will probably be that time for the next month—there’s so much I want to use in 3.2 x.x). It took awhile to find a look I was happy with for the Replica High Allagan Pantaloons, but I finally worked it out with a little help (and a Pure White Dye) from my bestie, Kitty Strife.

Glamour Components
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Desert Yellow Dye) | Body: Hallowed Ramie Doublet of Healing (Pure White Dye) | Hands: Gloves of the White Griffin (Pure White Dye) Legs: Replica High Allagan Pantaloons (Pure White Dye) | Feet: High House Halfboots (Slate Grey Dye)

The trickiest part about using the Pantaloons was the gold trim above the knees. Surprisingly enough, there aren’t a great deal of other pieces in the game that have anything similar to it (at least not for healers), so it took a long time for me to find the right combination of things.

The High House Halfboots were all but required here, as the main reason I like the Pantaloons is the flare, and the Slate Grey lines them up just fine with the grey on the pants themselves. The Gloves of the White Griffin came next—thankfully, this last patch also removed the Rank restriction on the i180 PvP gear. I’ve always been a fan of elbow-length gloves, and there aren’t very many of them, so I was glad to finally pick these up. With Pure White Dye, they get a small bit of grey on the fingers, which gives them a bit of a parallel to the grey on the feet, but not enough that it overpowers the rest of the outfit.

The body piece was where things got tough, though. I new I wanted something short, rather than a robe, so that the pants would be generally visible. However, most healer bodies with gold elements are robes (like the Demon Robe of Healing or the Cashmere Robe of Healing). I tried various crafting/gathering bodies (and even ran around for awhile with the Wyvernskin Jerkin), and a variety of level 1 glamour bodies (I tried to make the Wild Rose Cuirass work, too, as well as the new Expeditioner’s Tabard and the Wind Silk Coatee) but nothing quite looked right.

Usually once I hit that point, I open up the Market Board and just scroll down the list, trying on every piece of armor as I go. My first choice was the Eikon Cloth Acton of Healing, but that’s going to have to wait awhile, as I’m not ready to take the plunge given the high cost of the materials right now (especially since it’s hard to know how it will dye ahead of time). But the Hallowed Ramie Doublet did pretty much everything I wanted: it was mostly short on the waist, had gold to work with, and even had another color that I could potentially blend into the outfit (Rhotano Blue matches it the best, if you’re curious) if I wanted. While I didn’t end up dying anything to match the green and blues on the doublet, I was very pleased to find that the glow on my Seraph Cane Awoken matches it pretty well!

Since my WHM is now fully kitted out in job-specific gear, I actually have a separate look I’m using for SCH and AST, which I’ll probably show off here sometime this week, once I’ve finalized it.

That’s all for today, I think! I hope everyone else is having as much fun with all the new glamour stuff in 3.2 as I am (and even the content: I’m absolutely in love with Lost City Hard Mode, and both Sephirot and Midas are quite cool!).

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