Fashion Favorites: Allagan Gauntlets of Striking

I’m back! It’s been a really long time since I’ve been so sick as to be largely bed-ridden. I started going through FFXIV withdraw after awhile there. I don’t have any new glamours to share just yet, so instead I’m going to talk about one of the new, Patch 3.2 things I picked up last week before I caught the Black Death.

I mentioned on Twitter that I picked up a few more Replica Allagan pieces last week, one of which is the Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Striking. I used the original Striking gauntlets for just about every one of my Monk and Ninja glamours in 2.x, mainly because they were one of the few available sets of over-the-elbow glove options for both classes. Right now, I have my Replica set dyed Jet Black (which you can see in the first two shots), which would have looked great with a lot of my older looks, which were almost invariably black (the second two screenshots show the original pair from Coil, for comparison).

I haven’t been happy with the dying patterns for all of the Replica gear that I’ve seen (including some of the other pieces I got last week), but I’m pretty happy with the gauntlets. They keep enough of the original colors so there’s something to key off of and nothing that remains (the black at the top and the gold/bronze bits) has any major clashing trouble.

That being said: I have no idea how to use them! My original plan when I picked them up was to just slot in the Allagan Gauntlets and Sollerets to my existing Ninja glamour, but as you can probably tell from the screenshots, the Iga Ningi just isn’t quite the best fit for them. That’s left me at a bit of a crossroads because I’m ready for a change with Ninja, but I don’t necessarily want to change the body piece here, since it’s one of the few “Ninja-esque” pieces we have access to. I also still love the way it looks in white, so I’m really reluctant to try any other colors.

I may end up using both pieces for Monk instead, but we’ll see!

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