Fashion Frustrations: Replica Heavy Allagan Cuisses+Flanchard

At the same time that I got the Replica stuff I wanted for Ninja, I picked up two other long-running favorites, the Heavy Allagan Cuisses and Flanchard:

Like the Replicas for Ninja and Monk, the original Allagan Cuisses and Flanchard had long been glamour staples for my tanks during 2.x. The Flanchard in particular was something I used for Paladin almost constantly until Heavensward, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the bronze color can be rather difficult to work with.

But now they’re dyable! I was quite excited to get these into a nice silver/white color to use with my Lionliege Cuirass, but things in the world of glamour are only perfect about half the time, so I ended up with this:

Like so many other things, the Replica Heavy Allagan set seems to take a hardline “two-tone” dying pattern, regardless of the color used. This includes dying the black portions of the outfit the secondary shade of the chosen dye. Outside of looks that simply duplicate the full set in a single unifyed color, that makes the pieces rather difficult to use. The Flanchard works well enough by itself, since the secondary area on it is relatively small, but the same can’t be said for the Cuisses, and since the Cuisses really only work with the Flanchard, the actual utility of dying the pieces is mostly lost except with Jet Black (though you can’t really see the metal part of the Cuisses in this color). Given that I rarely go for a fully-black tank look, that doesn’t do me much good, though. Both of these pieces would have worked much better if the dye only affected the metal armor sections, as the default black would have made them suitable for a wide variety of body and gauntlet pairings.

I’ll likely still be able to use the Flanchard for a sort of “default” set of tank boots, since they’re neutral enough in Metallic Silver to work with a variety of tank bodies, but the Cuisses are pretty much a lost cause for me, I think.

The next thing on my list for Replica pieces is probably the High Allagan Coat of Healing, which always eluded me back in my Second Coil days. That one uses a two-tone pattern as well, but it keeps some of the white and black bits, which make it much more useful.

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