Glamour Spotlight: Gatherers

About a week ago, I got the urge to work on my Botanist as a way to supplement my in-game income. I never really had much of a glamour for it pre-expansion, as even though it was level 50, I only very rarely used it. But over the weekend, after hitting level 53 and making the appropriate set of gear, I couldn’t stand how I looked. I threw something together fairly quickly so that my inner fashionista didn’t keep me from leveling. By the time I hit level 55 for the next set, though, I’d actually grown attached to the look I had before.

Since I was also working on my Fisher at the same time (and got it to 60), that means the look is in some sense “final” for now, at least until I pick up some of the Red Scrip, class-specific gear.

Glamour Components
Head: Holy Rainbow Hat (Slate Grey Dye) | Body: Wyvernskin Jerkin (Pure White Dye) Hands: Archaeoskin Gloves of Gathering (Wine Red Dye) | Legs: Expeditioner’s Pantalettes (Pure White Dye) | Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Wine Red Dye)

It’s really rare that I use hats or helmets of any kind in my glamours, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the old Forager’s Hat from level 50. The Holy Rainbow Hat doesn’t have the “straw” look of that one when dyed, though, and of course the red band matches the bits on the Wyvernskin Jerkin. I’m a sucker for things like that. Both the Hat and the Jerkin were part of the level 53 set and formed the basis for the look—the other bits and pieces were mostly chosen on the fly, since I wasn’t planning on keeping this permanently.

But, that’s serendipity sometimes. I’d actually intended to post a new healer look today, which uses some of the new Eikon Cloth stuff, but I ended up being more excited about this one. I’m still struggling to change my look for Ninja, too—at this point, it may stay the same until 3.3, when we get another round of new gear.

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