Veteran Rewards: Tantalus Attire

The Tantalus Attire (based on the apparel of FFIX’s Zidane) has been in the game’s files for some time now, but as of yesterday, it’s officially possible to hit the 1080 days of subscription time required to receive it. I’m sure a lot of folks aren’t quite there yet (especially since the 3 and 6-month subscriptions don’t like up with the current 4-month period between Veteran Rewards). I used a couple of 60-day time cards just to pick this one up as soon as possible, as FFIX is probably my favorite main series Final Fantasy title.

Overall, I think it’s a great rendering of Zidane’s style:


And the best part about it is that it’s dyable! Here’s a few shots of the set in Jet Black to give you some idea of the manner in which the set dyes.

I love that the white on the chest and the boots stays in place here, and I definitely want to use some of this for a glamour sometime. The chest piece and the boots are probably my favorite parts, but I’m having trouble deciding what class to use them for and also what all to combine with them. Since I’ve redone several of my looks recently, I’ll probably end up using the Tantalus set for either Monk or Black Mage, though there’s some Aiming gear I think could work with it, too.

I’ll probably have some time to kill this weekend so I’ll be in the glamour workshop for sure!

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