Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #3

I’m still hard at work trying to settle my glamours for Ninja, Bard/Machinist, and my healers, but I did end up putting together a look for Ninja yesterday before raid. I’m already pretty sure I’m not going to keep it, as the style just feels a little wrong for Alahra. But I do like the overall aesthetics of the look (and it uses one of my favorite pieces that I’ve never found much use for), so I thought I’d post it anyway. The screenshots are night-time ones, for which I apologize, but I liked the vibe better given the look of the glamour. Backlights will help! >.>


Glamour Components
Head: Prototype Midan Goggles of ScoutingBody: Replica Allagan Cuirass of Striking (Soot Black Dye) | Hands: Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Striking (Soot Black Dye) | Legs: Ramie Trousers of Scouting (Jet Black Dye) | Feet: Prototype Midan Boots of Scouting

Not that the cutesy /examineself poses really fit the glamour here, of course, but it’s sort of tradition at this point. I’ve always liked the Allagan Striking body (I actually cleared Final Coil with it glamoured), but it’s never been something I can wear for a long period of time. It just feels too heavy for both Ninja and Monk. But it also has the nicest color pairings of its model (the Maiming and Aiming ones just don’t look as good to me), so I often come back to it now and again, just for a little while.

I prefer Soot Black Dye for the body, as the Jet Black makes the contrast between the armor and the cloth portions a bit too jarring. I dyed the gauntlets the same way just for consistency, since they were from the same set. The Ramie Trousers are a fairly normal choice at this point—the leather look of the Falconer’s Bottoms I’d been using for awhile just didn’t fit here.

The two Midan pieces were mostly to have something that paired up with the bits of gold and bronze that remain on the Cuirass after dye is applied. But I’ve also thought the Goggles in particular were pretty cool, so I ran some Midas normal to pick up both pieces yesterday before raid time.

Overall, I feel as though this isn’t a very good look for a miqo’te female, though—at least not one with Alahra’s features. She looks too nice to be running around in a blindfold, to me anyway. So I’m still on the hunt for my next lasting Ninja glamour. Part of me wants to go back to the Iga Ningi again, but I’m having trouble getting the overall vibe that I want for it.

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