Glamour Spotlight: Scholar #1

I’m considering switching over to Scholar for raiding, so I decided a few days ago to use at least some piece of Scholar Artifact Armor for my healer glamour. That has its downsides, of course, since all of my healer gear is currently shared, but since I likely won’t mess around on the other healers as much if I do transition to Scholar more seriously.

Glamour Components
Head: Reading Glasses (Dalamud Red Dye) | Body: Wind Silk CoateeHands: Claws of the Beast (Jet Black Dye) | Legs: Savant’s CulottesLegs: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Kobold Brown Dye)

Despite my frustration about how popular the Wind Silk Coatee is right now, I simply loved the way it matches the base coloring of the Savant’s Culottes, and so after some hand-wringing, I’ve settled on going with it for now. I did debate doing the skirt in red or white, but all of the colors just felt really appropriate here, so I settled on the default.

Both the Savant’s Culottes and the Scholar’s Culottes are pretty frustrating to work with, in all honesty, since there are very few tops that really work with them (at least, in my opinion). Prior to the Wind Silk Coatee, the best options were the Raptorskin Jerkin (and the other shared models), the Sailor Shirt (which I’ve never liked), and, in Heavensward, the Archaeoskin Jackcoats (which look a little too “rugged” for SCH, in my opinion) and Wyvernskin Jerkin. Most of those are fairly plain, though, so the Wind Silk Coatee really adds something to the overall look. Combine that with the fact that the back of the Savant’s Culottes doesn’t lose its texture the way the previous Culottes did, and I almost feel like I have to use this look, simply because it’s the sort of thing that’s eluded me for so long.

Of course, the Claws of the Beast and Expeditioner’s Thighboots are pretty common staples for me at this point. I may tweak this one a little bit to include the Savant’s Boots, but as of writing, I couldn’t find a color for them that really worked for me. Were I using the Scholar’s Culottes instead, I’d probably find a way to incorporate the socks via shoes of some kind. I don’t care for how plain the stockings on the Savant’s Culottes are, though, so I wasn’t happy doing the same sort of thing here (not to mention I couldn’t find a good pair of shoes or small boots that did the trick).

When it comes to glasses, I actually want to use the Oval Reading Glasses, as I think they complement the look better—but my Minfillia hairstyle clips them in a way that I don’t care for. And that style has become as synonymous with Alahra as her original style from FFXI was, so changing it is basically out of the question. I might be fiddling around with other spectacles, too, to find a better overall look.

Now that this one’s out of the way, I’m putting finishing touches on new Ninja and Monk glamours, and at least pondering what to do with Bard and Machinist (which may actually involve a Bard-specific glamour, since it has the higher item level weapon between the two). But I also have to work on finishing up my Scholar Anima weapon so that I’m prepared to make the switch should it be necessary for my raid group. So just when I’ll get around to finishing all of these, I’m not quite sure!

I also need to get the Prototype Midan leg piece for my other two healers, so that I can use a different piece for them. While this look isn’t hideous, it doesn’t really work in terms of colors and style:


I may do something simple like use the Cashmere Skirt of Healing, but that feels a little lazy, so I’ll probably go for something a bit different in the end.

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