Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #1

I got the Fists of the Sephirot not long after I finished my last Monk glamour, which they didn’t really work with. I really like how they look, though, so I started fiddling around with ways to build a glamour around them. At first, I went the Replica Allagan route, coloring the Cuirass and the Sollerets Woad Blue to give them the same rough color scheme as the weapon. But, I’m sort of burnt out on the Allagan look, so I spent awhile trying to find other bits and pieces that would work with them.

It ended up being a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I did finally get something worked out.


Glamour Components
Weapon: Fists of the SephirotHead: (none) | Body: Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Gathering (Ink Blue Dye) | Hands: (none) | Legs: Warwolf Kecks of Striking (Ink Blue Dye) | Feet: Kirimu Sandals of Striking

I got the idea to fiddle with the Archaeoskin Jackcoat after I got the Fistfighter’s Jackcoat again from a Level 50 Roulette and remembered that I used to use it for Monk back in the 2.2 days. It was important to use the Gathering version, since the metal bits on it are gold (as opposed to the silver on the Crafting one). I was originally working with Shadow Blue, which better matched the blue on the Fists, but it made finding pants and boots really difficult. Ink Blue ended up allowing for a much more cohesive look.

I’ve always liked the way Kecks look with the Kirimu Sandals, and once I settled on the Ink Blue, they were the nicest looking pairing. I debated using the Ramie Trousers, but the somewhat slimmer look of the Kecks won me over.

By the end of the week, I should have my Ninja glamour finalized until at least 3.3 (which will hopefully bring a new and better glow for the next stage of the Kannagi). I’m long overdue for a new tank glamour, too, but I really have no clue what I want to do there. I’m hoping that after this week (or maybe next), I’ll be done fiddling with glamours for a little while, as I’d like to actually talk about some other things in the game and broaden the scope of the site a little bit to include at least occasional posts about FFXIV in general.

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