Ironworks Engineer’s Attire (and the Hunt for Biggs and Wedge)

I was surprised but excited to see that we got some new Mog Station goodies yesterday, including both Cid’s Attire and the Ironworks Engineer’s set. Unfortunately, Cid’s gear (and his cool goggles) are gender-locked, but that’s not particularly surprising given that all of the gear for major FFXIV NPCs has been.

The Ironworks Engineer’s Attire isn’t, however, so I went ahead and picked that up, under the assumption that it would match up well with some of the Augmented Ironworks gear from 2.4. After that, this morning, I went all over the place, trying to find Biggs and Wedge for screenshots to accompany this post. Much to my surprise, they don’t seem to be located anywhere obvious after the events of the Midas storyline! I asked some other engineers (and even Mide!) to no avail:

But I’m sure they’ll turn up again later. In the meantime, we have access to something new to play around with for glamours. And happily, the blues on the Engineer’s set do match up with the blues on the Augmented Ironworks gear:

While I’m not sure I have an immediate look in mind for any of the pieces, we’re also getting Ironworks-themed crafting and gathering gear in 3.3. Those aren’t going to be class-locked, and if they follow the trend of most DoH/DoL gear, they’ll be usable by all classes, so we’ll have a nice number of options for Ironworks glamours soon enough!

And if anyone has any idea where Biggs and Wedge are, let me know on Twitter (@kcmorris725). I’m really curious now!

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