Works in Progress: BRD and MCH

Now that I have my Anima workload out of the way, I’m free to spend my Esoterics, at least for a little while, on the more important thing: glamours. I picked up a few pieces for Bard and Machinist yesterday that I’ve always liked—on the left, for Bard, the Aoidos’ Cloak, and on the right, for Machinist, the Machinist’s Goggles and Shirt:

The two jobs are still sharing some gear, so I’m a bit limited in what I can do with them for now, but luckily, Bard and Machinist share some pretty nice pieces of gear. The Bogatyr’s Gloves and Thighboots are staples for solid looks for the two Aiming classes, and they’ll work well enough as placeholders until I figure out exactly where I’m going with these.


For Bard, the main piece I know I want to get is the Aoidos’ Shoulder Gloves. I love the look of the whole Aoidos’ set, to be honest (and I think of all the new Artifact Armor, Bard probably has the best complete look), but the gloves are priority so that I can use different gloves for Machinist. That’s going to give me some trouble, though, because I also love the Aoidos’ Tights and Thighboots, and I’ve got that weird obsession with not using too many pieces from one set. I’m also not really sold on using the Augmented Choral Chapeau here (which you can see in the first picture), but I feel like the set does need some sort of headpiece to go with it, so I’m pondering what to do there as well.

Of course, since BRD is a job I will probably never really play, I can probably bend the rules a bit, using multiple Aoidos’ pieces if I don’t find anything else I like. I definitely intend to get the full set, starting with the gloves today after I’ve done my Roulettes, either way.


As I mentioned above, I want different gloves for Machinist. I’m generally not a big fan of tops that have “puffy” sleeves, and while the ones on the Machinist’s Shirt aren’t too bad, I’d still prefer some nice long gloves to cover slim things down. The primary contenders at this point are the Direwolf Gloves of Aiming and the Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Aiming, neither of which match up exactly right with the colors on the shirt. I’m on the lookout for other options, too, while I ponder.

For Machinist, I probably won’t need to get the entire set, though I’ll likely pick up the Machinist’s Boots, since one can never have enough thighboots. After I’ve gotten everything for Bard and those, I’ll probably also pick up the Machinist’s Brais, just in case, but they’re not something I consider very high priority right now.

I do hope that, eventually, there are some significant changes made to either Wanderer’s Minuet or Gauss Barrel, both to differentiate the two classes somewhat and hopefully turn one of them into a class I actually enjoy playing. They both have some lovely Esoterics pieces, and it would be a shame for them to be in use on jobs I’ll never really play.

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