Ninja Glamour Crisis!!!

We’re just two about two weeks from the launch of Patch 3.3, and with 3.3 will come new Main Scenario Quests, specifically dealing with the end of the Dragonsong War.

And that leaves me with a little problem. During the 3.2 Main Scenario, my  Ninja glamour honestly felt a bit out of place, running around in what amounted to bicycle shorts. In preparation for 3.3’s quests, I want to be sure I’m wearing something that’s more appropriate to the likely tone of the cutscenes especially. The thing is, though, that I have absolutely no idea what to wear.


I could go for something with a Doman flair…

The original Ninja AF always looks great in black, of course (and awful in just about any other color, but that’s besides the point). Of course, the tights on the Ninja Hakama duplicate the problem of my original glamour to a degree—though at least they’re sort of functional for adventuring.

The Rainbow Shirt of Scouting has sort of the opposite problem, color-wise: it looks nice in white to me, but the two-tone dying really kills it in other shades, which means finding other things to match it is really tricky.

Doman stuff might be out, so maybe something a bit more professional? Things are going to be pretty serious after all…

But none of these really look good in white, and I’m always loathe to run around in full black. I’ve never actually used the Company Tabard (on the right) for much, though, and it does cut a pretty nice profile dyed Jet Black. It’s something to consider, at least!

Of course, if we’re finally going to get that drink with Aymeric, maybe I should go with something a bit more eyecatching. A little skin might not be so bad—but not too much!

Joking aside, I don’t know that I’d be happy with either of these. Both of them don’t really work alongside the Hyperconductive Kannagi, and I’m still massively stubborn about using something different.

I’ve really got no idea what to do! I may not be able to figure out my new glamour until the patch itself drops. My hope is that something new will really just click—preferably some leg and foot gear that work alongside the Iga Ningi, since I’m still way too attached to it and definitely don’t want to give it up.

I don’t know. Am I weird for wanting my glamour to make sense in cutscenes, too, when they’re such a small part of what we do in game? Maybe I’m weird. See you guys on Friday!

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