Patch 3.3 Trailer & Gear Previews

So for those of you who haven’t seen it (which, I have to admit, is probably none of you), the Patch 3.3 trailer went live today:

Square usually does a good job of getting me excited for the new patches, and this one’s no exception. I really can’t wait to take on Nidhogg and hopefully put him down once and for all. I’m incredibly worried about Ser Aymeric, though, and I really hope they don’t kill him. We haven’t gotten to have that drink yet! The dungeons look interesting (I wish we’d gotten some shots of the gear—maybe we’ll see that next week), and I’m excited for the new Beast Tribe quests, since I enjoyed the crafting-focused Ixal tribe in ARR.

But of course, the main thing to think about is gear (because I can’t fool anybody).


For Weeping City of Mhach, if I had to guess, we’re looking at Aiming, Healing, Maiming, Striking, Fending, Casting, and Scouting from left to right. As usual, though, the Aiming, Striking, and Scouting sets can be hard to pin down. I’m relatively certain that the grey set will be Scouting, since it’s the “stealthiest” of the three, and in terms of color scheme, the set on the left seems more fit for Bard than Monk. However, the middle set on the Lalafell could work pretty well for Machinist, so perhaps those two are flipped.

Regardless of who gets what, though, I’m very glad to see that there’s some more variety in the colors here. The Void Ark sets were all way too similar in theme, and that made them rather uninspiring (even if it did fit the overall aesthetic and lore of the raid and such). I’m definitely excited about the Casting and Healing sets: not only are we getting more flared pants, this is the first set of them that Casters have gotten that I can recall, and both roles are getting something that isn’t a robe again! That’s always nice.


The new Disciple of the Hand/Land gear looks great. I always loved the Ironworks gear from Patch 2.4, and I think these sets will allow for some nice glamour opportunities. I’m especially in love with the top on the left, and I’m hoping that’s the crafter set, so I can get it first, since I’ll probably get the gear for my Botanist and Fisher only after my crafting set is done. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting these.

The trailer also provides a brief look at some more of the gear coming in 3.3 (starting at about 5:10 in the video, if you want to go back and look). In order, we see:

  • The set that seems to come from the Feast rankings
  • A Vath Costume?!
  • And one for the Vanu Vanu!?
  • A pig costume, for some reason, and what appear to be Moogle Slippers
  • And another shot of the new DoH/DoL gear.

Starting at about 6:07, we also catch some glimpses of the glowing weapons from the Deep Dungeon/Palace of the Dead. We’re supposed to be able to take those out of it eventually. I’m curious if the glows will get more fancy over time. We can also expect new gear from the dungeons. I would expect it to be themed a bit like Sohm Al’s stuff, given that the music for Sohr Khai seems to be based on Sohm Al’s music. But that’s just a hunch. And as usual, I’m sure we’ll see multiple new level 1 pieces for glamour, most likely relying on drops from the new Aquapolis.

I’m sure by the end of next week we’ll have seen some more previews, and hopefully some more gear, too!

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