Patch 3.3 Patch Notes: Items and Recipes!

As expected, we now have the full 3.3 patch notes, which we can read obsessively since the game’s down until tomorrow. The main addition today was for items and recipes, and there are actually a few surprises to go over, in addition to things we had reason to expect. We’ve also got some rough idea of how crafting progression will work.

As alluded to over on the Official Forums, we’re getting crafted versions of the Ramuh EX weapons (finally!). It’s not clear from the notes whether these recipes are level 50 or level 60, but I’m already planning to do some Ramuh farming to get some of these made. The greatsword and bow are pretty cool looking, as are the fist weapons and the daggers. They’ll probably have a really sweet lighting particle effect.

What’s really surprising to me though is that we’re also getting crafted versions of the Bismarck weapons! There hadn’t been any mention of this prior to these notes that I’m aware of. I was never really a huge fan of the Bismarck weapons—they’re generally too “round” for my tastes, but this should serve to drum up some interest in the fight again. I wonder if we’ll see crafted versions of the Ravana weapons as well, down the line. I’ve no idea what these are really going to look like as far as particle effects go, though.

The new Horde weapons (from Nidhogg’s Rage) are item level 235, which is what I was anticipating for them. Since I’m not too keen on farming A8 for Midan Gears to pick up better weapons for my alternate jobs, I’ll probably work on picking these up instead. Hopefully, they get cool designs—unfortunately, we never got a preview of how they look.

They did not list the Anima weapons in the list of new items, which heavily suggests entirely new weapons (probably with new names) this patch. That was hinted at by Yoshi-P in some of the interviews, but it was never 100% clear whether he meant new glows or new weapons, period. I’m going to miss my Kannagi.


There are three new sets of gear: one purchased through Red Scrips and another acquired through crafting, following the same structure as from Heavensward’s launch, and an additional set that’s i170. There look to be some issues in the patch notes though, as the item names in the recipe list and the item list don’t always coincide correctly.

  • The Augmented gear is all i200 and includes Primary Tools and the 5 visible left side gear slots. From the looks of it, these appear to be dyeable, Red Scrip versions of the previous i180 sets, which were not dyeable. These are job-specific as they were before.
  • For the crafted gear, Primary Tools and Secondary Tools are i195. With melding, these will likely end up significantly better than the Augmented i200 Tools, as is expected.
  • The Augmented Ironworks gear is i190 and should be meldable—my guess is that these are the crafted versions listed in the Recipes as just “Ironworks,” because…
  • There are Ironworks pieces listed in the item list as i170, but the recipes use new items (like Luminous Fiber) that appear to be 3-stars. But there are also “Carbonweave” recipes that use older Diadem mats—these are likely the i170 versions, and they’re intended to help people catch up.

Also notably, the current i180 crafting and gathering gear will be purchasable with Blue Scrip Tokens, which should make it much easier for folks to catch up who are only just now reaching level 60 on their DoH/DoL classes.

Unsure 2

Judging by item names and item levels, these are likely the i215 gear and will undoubtedly come from Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) and Sohr Kai. There are seven sets listed at this item level, and if I had to guess, the first three sets will get the recolors this time. The Wrangler’s set (which seems to be the one on the right) doesn’t seem to have a companion, at least judging by the thematics of the set names.


We now know these are officially all Yafaemi gear, and we can also pinpoint which sets are which now, too: my initial guess of Aiming, Healing, Maiming, Striking, Fending, Casting, and Scouting seems to hold up, as the Aiming set gets a turban, and there’s only one of those depicted. The Maiming/Fending gear and Striking/Scouting sets could be swapped in terms of color palettes, but I’m pretty confident about how I’ve assigned them, following SE’s normal color schemes and such.

Among the rest of the items, we’ve got a number of new glamour items listed, too:

  • Dried Oldroses, which appear to be flower corsages as headgear. There are a number of them in various colors.
  • A Dragon Monocle, which seems pretty self explanatory. It’ll probably have a dragon wing motif or something.
  • Two new “Moonfire” sets. These include pieces for Head, Body, Legs, and Feet, and seem to be swimsuits of some kind, since the Leg pieces are Trunks and a Tanga. It’s not clear whether these are gender-locked, but they don’t seem to be, since they’ve previously listed gender-locks in the patch notes.
  • There’s also a new Alpine Coat that’s level 1. It doesn’t have any accompanying pieces that I can see, though.

I think that covers most of the “new” information we got from these, barring the specifics of the actual recipes, but most of the information there is about what could be expected (including the use of Mastercraft Demimateria for some of the new crafted gear).

I’ll see you all on the other side. I’m waiting patiently (okay, not-so-patiently) waiting in Azys Lla to start the next stage of my Anima weapon:


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