Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #4

So I still haven’t gotten my Wrangler’s body from the new Expert dungeons, but I inadvertently found a look to hold me over until I do that manages to have what I imagine will be some of the same flair to it.

Glamour Components
Head: Griffin Leather Blinder of Aiming (Kobold Brown Dye) | Body: Expeditioner’s Tabard (Kobold Brown Dye) | Hands: Saurian Gloves of Aiming (Loam Brown Dye) | Legs: Wrangler’s ChapsFeet: High House Boots (Kobold Brown Dye)

I stumbled on this because of my Miner—yesterday morning, I spiritbonded the set of gear I was leveling with, so I got some new stuff, and for a more uniform look, I glamoured most of the Expeditioner’s set. Looking at the Tabard again, I realized it would make a decent substitute for the Wrangler’s Jacket, so I fiddled around for a bit to put something more interesting than my last glamour together.

Then, this morning, while I debated whether or not to post another Bard glamour so soon, I ended up having a bit of an adventure. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to take screenshots up at Redbelly Hive in South Shroud—I didn’t realize, though, that the area is actually entirely locked off depending on the states of the two Hive FATEs, so when I got there, the gate was locked.

I got lucky, though, and the Breaching the Hive FATE spawned within a couple minutes of me getting to the locked gate. I took it as a sign and decided I would clear the FATE chain and take some cool screenshots somewhere up at the top.

Of course, since it was still early in the day, I was one of the only people in the zone, and thus the only person doing the FATE. I had the NPCs to help me out though, so I wasn’t too worried. But as I climbed up the trail, I had an incredible urge to take lots and lots of screenshots, so I turned off my UI and started snapping. Everything was well and good, until I forgot that I was level synced, and with my UI off, I couldn’t see my HP total…


That didn’t end so well!

Knowing my luck, I’m going to get the Wrangler’s Jacket over the weekend, which will mean another new glamour for Bard—though I don’t expect much but the gloves and the body to change at this point. I love the flare on the chaps too much to consider using anything else for the time being!


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