Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #7

Now that I’ve gotten back into serious crafting again with 3.3, I’m finding that I have more gil to burn than I’ve had for quite  time…and that gil is burning a hole in my pocket. I’ve been eyeing so many expensive glamour items that I hadn’t really considered, especially among all the various replica Allagan gear, which is why I played around with the Heavy Allagan Armor last week.

And it’s happened again. As I mentioned in the last tank spotlight, the Heavy Allagan Armor probably wasn’t going to stay forever—and that had me on the lookout for other pieces I hadn’t really used before. One of those pieces was the Replica Heavy High Allagan Coat (man, that name is a mouthful). I never much liked its color scheme back in the day, but I noticed it did fit rather well with the rest of the tank glamour I’d put together and had a slimmer look. So, I made it.

It sadly doesn’t look that great in Pure White, and at first I was going to go with Jet Black for a simple, functional look, since I might be replacing this with the 240 Lore body next week, anyway. But, I guess since I was already blowing gil on frivolous things, I decided to also make the Mighty Thunderclap for my Dark Knight. That took me to a slightly different color scheme that I’m actually pretty happy with.

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Replica Heavy High Allagan Coat (Currant Purple Dye) | Hands: Replica High Allagan Gauntlets of Fending (Dark Purple Dye) | Legs: Light Steel Subligar (Wine Red Dye) | Feet: Replica Heavy Allagan Flanchard (Dark Purple Dye)

As usual with tank glamours, I’m on the market for some sort of head piece—a circlet, probably. But I don’t care for the High Allagan one, and both of the ones I would like to use are Paladin-only (the Augmented Gallant Coronet or the Creed Wings). The Baron Circlet would be nice if I could dye it to match one of the primary colors here, but they’ve afforded me no such luxury. I considered the Asuran Hachigane of Fending, since it can be dyed, but I’m not really a fan of the “horns” that it has. I might just throw some glasses on to satisfy the itch to have something, even if that’s always a bit strange for tanks.

Part of the trick for using the Coat for me was offsetting it a little bit from the rest of the armor pieces, which is why it has a different shade of purple. Of course, in most lighting, the difference is very subtle. With Currant Purple on the body, the Dark Purple Gauntlets and Flanchard key off of the central armor plates, though, as opposed to the lighter parts of the pauldrons or on the coat tails, which provides some much needed contrast that is otherwise lost when you dye the coat itself (especially relative to the undyed High Allagan Fending set, which has an extra color in play).


I’m quite satisfied with the look as a whole, as it ticks off most of my tank glamour boxes. I’m so glad I found out that the High Allagan Gauntlets dye so well alongside the Heavy Allagan Flanchard, as the latter has been so difficult to use without a good gauntlet pairing. Both of those pieces are probably going to factor into my tank glamours for a long time. Honestly, though I was planning on the 240 Lore body for my next tank glamour (it looks cool in Pure White), I’m find enough of this that I may just stick with it, at least until I get Nothung finished (which will probably be a few more weeks).

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