Glamour Spotlight (Just for Fun)

I’ve mentioned before that my glamours have to make “sense” most of the time—I need to feel like they could actually be worn into combat, so I shy away from bikinis, especially for tanks and melee jobs. For the most part, I haven’t really been a big fan of most of the swimwear in the game for females (I actually think the male ones are much more interesting, generally).

I’m actually a rather big fan of the new Moonfire set, though, and the Halter is actually somewhat workable for glamours for me. I’ve been fiddling with it for a few days now, mostly focusing on possibilities for healers and casters. So far, I’ve not been able to find the right combination for a permanent glamour, but I do have a look that I’m actually quite happy with that doesn’t really seem to fit any of my classes closely enough that I want to use it.

Glamour Components
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Jet Black Dye) | Body: Moonfire Halter (Jet Black Dye) | Hands: Claws of the Beast (Jet Black Dye) | Legs: Survival Halfslops (Pure White Dye) | Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Jet Black Dye)

I really like the Survival Slops paired with the Halter this way, since they create that nice black and white split I’m so fond of. The boots are of course a natural choice here. Where I’m really stuck, though, is what to do for gloves and some sort of head piece. For this to really click for an actual battle job, I would want something that made the whole thing seem not so defenseless.

I tried a number of gloves, like the Brand-New Gloves, Warwolf Gloves of Casting, and Expeditioner’s Gloves, among others, but nothing really fit the sleeves of the Halter that I could find. Most gloves either seem to be too bulky or too small, leaving the overall look with a kind of vulnerable appearance that just doesn’t sit well with me. Some sort of hat would be nice for a caster look, too, but I’ve not yet found anything that feels really fitting to me.

I think if nothing else, I’m going to save this look for an idle/casual outfit, though!

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