Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #5 (Looking Back)

I’ve talked before about the lack of Eastern gear in FFXIV, so it’s probably a little odd that I don’t use what we do have available to us more often. All around, one of the best sets that we’ve gotten has been the Amatsu attire, patterned after Iroha’s garb from FFXI, but it suffers from the frustrating problem of being non-dyable. That didn’t stop me from using it (on almost all of my jobs at one point), but it did make it hard to create those perfect looks I’m always after.

I did, however, manage to work out two looks of which I became very fond. One was for Monk, and the other was for Ranged DPS—since I’ve showcased a Monk look more recently than I have one of the latter, here’s what I did with the Amatsu stuff for Bard and Machinist.

Glamour Components
Head: Amatsu HaghiganeBody: Kirimu Coat (Pure White Dye) | Hands: Amatsu TekkoLegs: Thavnairian Tights (Dalamud Red Dye) | Feet: Amatsu Sune-Ate

What really makes this one sing for me was the red sash and gold trim on the Kirimu Coat. Since the Amatsu pieces are something of a particular red, Dalamud Red itself doesn’t quite match the shade when it’s used in an effort to complement them, but the more troublesome thing is that since Dalamud also tends to “two-tone” with a very annoying pink color, it’s often very hard to dye anything else to match anything from the Amatsu set.

So pieces like the Kirimu Coat that have guaranteed red parts work very well alongside the set. In Pure White, the Coat keys off of Alahra’s hair, which is my normal preference, and also leaves the gold trim nice and visible. Though the Thavnairian Tights aren’t particularly mandatory here, they do, unlike other similar pieces, maintain some gold trim when dyed, which ties in well with the rest of the look.

I’ve been hoping the Amatsu pieces would be made dyable ever since we got them, but so far we’ve not been given that privilege. If they ever are made dyable, I’ve long had numerous ideas for Ninja glamours to go along with them (probably using Jet Black or a grey shade to match up with a Pure White Iga Ningi), and I’ve also pondered using the Amatsu Togi for my healers (probably in a blue color). The Hachigane makes a great simple headband for many looks, too, so I would probably end up over using it if it were ever made dyable.

Oh, and on the subject of Bard and Machinist…I’m convinced the Wrangler’s Jacket doesn’t exist. I still haven’t seen it drop. I’ve given up on obtaining it for now. >.>

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