Glamour Spotlight: Healers #7

Weeping City of Mhach has been incredibly kind to me so far. Outside of the first week, I’ve had fairly smooth runs each week, and I’ve also gotten a drop that I can use on one of my alternate jobs in a single run. It does help that I haven’t been incredibly picky, but the past two weeks in particular have been great. Once I had my Yafaemi body and gloves for Ninja, I started running as healer, since several of the pieces are itemized well for a non-raiding Scholar. Last week, I got the Yafaemi Trousers and this week, the Yafaemi Jacket.

I love the designs of both, and while I tried to play around with the Trousers last week, I couldn’t find a top that I liked with it. They have a nice red sash around the waist, but unfortunately, the model mapping for most body pieces actually makes it disappear, even when it should be completely visible. That leaves only a handful of things that actually display it, mostly limited to bikini tops, which I try to avoid. Most of the workable options tend to be “all or nothing” when it comes to dyes, so I didn’t find anything that would match the red and white on the trousers themselves.

Fast forward to this week, and I pick up the Jacket. I’ve been drooling over the Yafaemi healing set for ages now in terms of glamour, so instead of doing more productive things after Weeping City last night, I fiddled with glamour prisms for two or three hours.


Glamour Components
Head: Aurum Regis Crown of Healing (Metallic Silver Dye) | Body: Yafaemi Jacket of HealingHands: Augmented Hailstorm Gloves of Healing (Pure White Dye) | Legs: Yafaemi Trousers of HealingFeet: High House Halfboots (Pure White Dye) | Neck: Band of Eternal Passion

My original plan was to use the Jacket along with a skirt of some variety and a pair of tall boots. As was the case with the Trousers, though, I couldn’t find a combination that had the right blend of red and white (or maybe some silver). I played around with the Scholar’s and Savant’s Culottes, the Uraeus Skirt, and a few others for Legs. I would have liked to use the Replica High Allagan Thighboots of Healing, but they didn’t dye in any way that played well with the Jacket at all, so those were out. The nicest pair of boots ended up being (as usual), the Expeditioner’s Thighboots, but all in all, they just weren’t quite right.

So, I kept coming back to the Jacket and Trousers paired together. It’s honestly pretty rare for me to look at a Body and Legs combo and think they look great without the need for glamour together—usually, I favor one piece or the other, or think they actually look better separated to show off interesting bits that you don’t normally get to see (like the flare on the High Allagan Pantaloons of Healing, for instance).

Once I was certain I was just going to use both from there, the rest wasn’t too hard. The Hailstorm Gloves already have white and silver, even without dye, but the Pure White took away the hints of blue that didn’t really jive with the rest. The High House Halfboots were the best pair of small boots/shoes with heels for the look, though ideally I’ll find something with a little silver or something that I may have missed. I’ve also been wanting to try the Aurum Regis Crown for awhile, as I like how its design focuses on the right side of the face, opposite Alahra’s bangs. In Metallic Silver, it actually matches up quite well with the silver brooch on the front of the jacket. The Band of Eternal Passion is just a little touch, since it matches the overall color scheme and I thought the unglamoured Primal Choker was too bulky.

I’m still gonna be on the lookout for shoes, but I think the rest of this one is going to largely be set for awhile. Of course, every time I say something like that, I ended up changing my look less than a week later…

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