Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #8

I’ll spare the lengthy introduction since I’ve already made two other posts on my tank glamour over the past week. I finally got it sorted out in a way that I’m happy with.


Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Augmented Hellfire Armor of Fending (Royal Blue Dye) | Hands: Replica High Allagan Gauntlets of Fending (Royal Blue Dye) | Legs: Valentione Skirt (Midnight Blue Dye) | Feet: Augmented Hellfire Sabatons of Fending (Royal Blue Dye)

With the Sabatons (and their completely out of place, but cool, stilettos) in place, I knew I wanted to head back to a “sexier” look for the leg piece, and realizing that most skirts and such would probably look better in a darker blue helped a lot. In addition to the skirt I ended up using, I tried the Miqo’te Loincloth (which ended up looking way too vulnerable in the DRK battle stance), the Gryphonskin Pantalettes, the Chimerical Felt Breeches of Fending, and a the Coeurl Beach Pareo. The Valentione Skirt ended up fitting best, thanks to the tiny bit of black it gets to keep when dyed. The Gryphonskin Pantalettes probably would have been my true preference, but their secondary shade of blue when dyed they get doesn’t quite jive with everything else.

For gauntlets, no matter what I did, I kept coming back to the High Allagan ones. Despite the little bit of gold on them, they just looked really good with the body, and there’s even a bit of black around the elbows that fits in nicely. From a distance at least, the bits of gold don’t seem too out of place with the small bronze clasps on the body, either, and overall it just came down to profile for me. The only others I suspect might work would be the 240 Midan Gauntlets, but I’m not likely to have those anytime soon, so these will do for now!

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