Glamour Spotlight: Bard #2

We interrupt your previously scheduled post on FFXIV raiding today to bring you another glamour because ultimately, that’s more important.

I got the glamour bug after the last post was complete but before it was scheduled to post and started playing around. I found something I really like (and another top I was surprised I hadn’t used before). Since the whole raid scene deal is kind of a heavy subject, I thought I’d break up the series with some lighter things in between. The next post on the raiding difficulty issues will be on Monday—that’s the plan, anyway.

I mentioned a couple posts back that Pure White (or white, non-dyeable bodies) was slowly creeping back into dominance for my glamours. As a result, my last Machinist glamour didn’t feel right anymore, with its overemphasis on black, and the Machinist’s Shirt itself doesn’t look that great in Pure White, so I was going to need to find something else. I thought about using the Saurian or Direwolf Tabard of Aiming, since they’re bothdyeable, but I’ve used them before and usually end up changing them pretty quickly. While paging through my retainer, the Dravanian Tunic of Aiming caught my eye, though, since it was primarily white. It ended up being the foundation of the new look.


Glamour Components
Head: Augmented Choral Chapeau (Currant Purple Dye) | Body: Dravanian Tunic of AimingHands: Augmented Torrent Armguards of Aiming (Currant Purple Dye) | Legs: Coeurl Beach Tanga (Gloom Purple Dye) | Feet: Augmented Torrent Boots of Aiming (Currant Purple Dye)

What really sold me on the Dravanian Tunic was the way it looked alongside the Torrent Armguards. I don’t care for either Torrent set as a whole in its base colors, so I haven’t often given the individual pieces much thought, especially since the Scouting versions don’t dye nicely at all. The Aiming set is much more dye-friendly, though, which has lead to the creation of two Aiming glamours now. Happily, using the Torrent Armguards also made using the Torrent Boots—a piece I’ve been trying to use for awhile to no avail—a very easy decision.

I originally set out to make this a generic Ranged DPS glamour for both Bard and Machinist, but once I had all of the main pieces in place, it still felt like something was missing. The Dravanian and Orthodox Tunics really look best with some kind of headgear to me, though I’m not entirely why that is. The obvious choice would have been to go with the Dravanian Tricorne of Aiming, but I actually wasn’t fond of the grey felt-like material on the hat’s underside, since, without the corresponding Dravanian Thighboots, there wasn’t any grey elsewhere in the look. The palette-swapped Orthodox Tricorne of Aiming almost worked, but the purple on it didn’t quite gel with the rest of the purples in the glamour.

After some deliberation, I realized the only thing I could really do was use the best hat in the game, making this “technically” a Bard glamour. It may not work for Machinist, but at least I can keep the hat toggled off to have something that works well enough.

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