Glamour Spotlight: Casters #5 | 100th Post!

I mentioned when I showcased my last healer glamour that I was working on using the Scion Healer’s Robe for casters. I’ve had the glamour done for several days now but had other topics I wanted to discuss, so I’m only getting around to posting it now. I’ll skip the length preamble since I’ve already talked about the Scion Healer’s attire in general.

Glamour Components
Head: Reading Glassses (Dalamud Red Dye) | Body: Scion Healer’s RobeHands: Gloves of the Black Griffin (Pure White Dye) | Legs: Evenstar TightsFeet: Scion Healer’s Halfboots

When I realized the Scion Healer’s Robe and Halfboots had a color scheme that would probably work alongside the Evenstar Tights, I knew I had to use the Y’shtola gear for caster instead of healer. I’ve mentioned before that they were an old favorite of mine that I never really settled on a glamour for. Y’shtola’s Robe does two big things for me as part of a caster look: first, it’s white (and it’s really hard to find caster robes that dye in white!), and second, it matches the Evenstar Tights but works for an overall “functional” look.

The Gloves of the Black Griffin take care of the only thing I don’t like about the robe (its sleeves), and they also have red to key off of the red on every other piece. I also much prefer the Scion Healer’s Halfboots with the Tights over the Lominsan Officer’s Boots, which is what I’ve always paired with them previously. Beyond all those, the overall look is still pretty similar to the healer glamour I made with Y’shtola’s gear the day I got it.


In other news, as I mentioned on Monday, today marks my 100th post here at Fashion Ninjutsu. That’s a huge milestone for me. A long time ago, I mentioned that I usually lose interest in blogs that I start after a short while. That was back when I’d only been running the site for a month, and now I’ve kept it going for 100 posts (and just shy of nine months), with posts on a pretty regular schedule. In honor of this 100th post, here are a handful of facts about the blog from the backend:

  • As of writing (which is a couple hours before the post will actually go live), the blog has 43,358 page views (most of which come from Google Image Searches) and 6,303 unique visitors.
  • The best day in terms of page views has been July 1st of this year, with 829. This coincided with emergency maintenance on the NA Data Servers. Blog traffic normally has an uptick whenever that happens.
  • Outside of the initial Introduction post (which naturally has more views than any other post), my most viewed post is the first Dragoon glamour spotlight by quite a bit. It’s so far gotten almost twice as many page views as the next most popular post on the 3.3 Patch Notes. Where the views are coming from is hard to say, since I don’t get data that specific, but I’ve always found this funny since I don’t even play Dragoon.
  • This is my most popular screenshot. It seems to come up in Google Images a lot, but since I don’t get info on search queries from Google, I’m not precisely sure why it does.
  • Exactly once, someone typed “alahra valkaire” into a search engine that wasn’t Google (I get limited info from other search engines) and found the blog that way. I remember wondering the whole day when I saw that what prompted them to search for me. Were they someone I met in game? I’ll probably never know! Hopefully they were doing it for a good reason, though, and not because of a Duty Finder run where I made a boneheaded mistake or something!

As I said before at the end of Monday’s post, I’m really grateful for all the readers I have. I write this blog mostly for my own sake, as it’s something I enjoy talking about, but it wouldn’t be near as enjoyable if I didn’t have regular readers (and I seem to have gotten a few!). Thank you to everyone who likes, shares, or comments on Facebook and Twitter, and for those not-so-shy few of you who have also commented directly on the site! For those of you who have stumbled on the blog while looking for glamour ideas, I hope you’ve found something useful at least once.

One thing I’ve learned is that I change glamours far more than I ever thought I did—I mean, everybody always gave me hell for it, but I didn’t think it was that bad. But…in 9 months of running a glamour blog, I’ve had a new glamour just about every week, with a total of 49 Glamour Spotlight posts over the last 30-some-odd weeks! And that doesn’t include any glamours I put together that don’t make it onto the site (though those are fairly rare, they do happen, if I end up dissatisfied with a look for some reason).

The blog has gotten enough momentum now that I suspect I’m going to continue it for as long as I continue to play FFXIV, which means it’s probably going to exist for years to come, since I tend to stick with my MMOs almost religiously. Thanks again for all of your support, and here’s to hundreds of more posts after this one!


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