Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #10

In the continuing saga of my having trouble with tank glamours, I’ve been dissatisfied with my Hellfire Armor one for a bit now, mainly because of dyes and that it has the wide skirt that so much tank bodies on miqo’te females also have. I love the armor’s overall profile, but with it going “metallic white,” over time I started to nitpick it more, getting annoyed with the width problem, too.

Since most of my glamours are back in the Pure White department (and some that aren’t have non-dyeable white pieces), I really wanted to get back there for tank, too. There are so few tank pieces that really work with it, though, so I hadn’t honestly tried to do much with tank for a good long while. I did mess around a little bit with the Yafaemi Chain Hose of Fending (since they have kind of a zettai thing going on), but the Snow White-like color of the plating made them a no-go for basically every combination I could think to try.

Then, I woke up this morning and realized I had no idea what I was going to post on the blog today. Since I just did an older glamour on Wednesday, I didn’t want to just pull one from the back catalog again, and I didn’t want to do a non-glamour post since I’ll probably be doing a few of those next week and the week after, centering around the launch of 3.4. I decided to see where I could get with a new tank glamour, and I was actually pleasantly surprised:

Glamour Components
Gryphonskin Eyepatch (Wine Red Dye) | Body: Sky Pirate’s Coat of Fending (Pure White Dye) | Hands: Dravanian Gauntlets of FendingLegs: Adamantite Chain Hose of FendingFeet: Dravanian Greaves of Fending

I’ve used the same combination of Hands/Legs/Feet before, but that glamour didn’t really last long, as it has that problem of looking like it’s low level gear, all because it relied on the Mythril Cuirass. The Sky Pirate’s Coat fixes that in a big way. The bits of red on it match up with the red on the Dravanian stuff well enough (it’s not an exact match, but the difference isn’t too glaring), and it looks pretty good in Pure White. While there’s a little metallic white going on, it’s just on smaller bits of the overall armor. With the padded armor look going, it also looks relatively light, which is something I always prefer for my tank looks.

I used the Coat a long time ago back when it first came out (paid a pretty penny for it, too, as I recall, since I didn’t have ARM leveled yet), but I ended up not sticking with it for too long. I’m not sure why exactly. When I was messing around with it this morning, though, one thing that I really felt the look needed was some sort of head piece, and the Gryphonskin Eyepatch thankfully matches all of the colors in the rest of the look without being overly bulky or anything.

Outside of a Dragoon glamour out of left field, I think this will be my last new one before we have a ton of new gear in 3.4. I’m definitely excited for new gear—I think I’ve exhausted most of the new gear (though we’re just a week from 3.4 and I still haven’t seen the Wrangler’s Jacket drop…if I get that sometime between now and next Monday I may make a glamour for it just out of bloody spite!

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