Far Eastern Garb!

We got news of new Mog Station items coming from the 3.4 Patch Notes, and as expected, they were the formerly Chinese-exclusive items from that version of the game. Naturally, I picked them up when I was able to (though when I first tried this morning, the item shop was undergoing maintenance, so I had to wait!). I originally thought we were just getting the dress, but it turns out the “Far Eastern Garb for Women” item package gives three items: the Lady’s Togi, the Lady’s Loincloth, and the Lady’s Crackows. Here’s a look at the set (in Pure White, naturally), in case you wanted to see what it looked like before purchasing:

It dyes quite well since the Togi itself is pretty much a single color, so it should work in just about any color you care to use it for. It does have a “two-tone” pattern, though: the inside of the dress will take on the normal lighter shade of your chosen color, so do bear that in mind. The Loincloth doesn’t really display while wearing the Togi, but it actually has a pretty nice model in its own right which could be useful for certain glamour styles:

I’ve fiddled around with the Togi a bit with the thought of using it for a Ninja glamour, since it looks so lovely in Pure White, but at least so far I’ve not been able to find a good combination of Leg and Feet gear that really fit alongside it. I suspect in general it will work best for Healers and Casters, but I haven’t given up on it yet for Ninja (or perhaps Monk).

There is also a package of Far Eastern Gear for males, but naturally I didn’t pick those up! They’re similar in style (and I’m a bit jealous of the male body piece, as I’ve already seen someone using it for a NIN glam and it works quite well just by itself).

Along with the new gear, a Doman Greeting was added to the shop, which I also picked up:


It’s a fairly simple emote but I’m already quite fond of it, and it fits Alahra’s in-character fondness for Doman culture (you can just make out her Oriental Breakfast in the back right of her apartment there, too).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really want to get into the meat of the content for the new patch! So far, I’ve not seen much new gear that speaks to me glamour wise, other than the Alexandrian and Scripture sets, but those will take awhile to obtain since they’re time locked. Whether I’ll have a new glamour on Friday is totally up in the air right now!

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