Selfie Spotlight: Scintillant Circlet of Scouting

I am experimenting with a new Ninja glamour centered around the lovely Lady’s Togi, but I’m not yet convinced I’m going to keep it, so I don’t think it’s worthy of a full post just yet. That being said, I found a nice surprise last night while I was working on it in the new i250 crafted gear: the Scinitllant Circlets for Aiming, Scouting, and Striking.

Even a cursory look through the glamours I’ve shown off here will probably make it pretty clear I don’t glamour headgear very often. There are a number of reasons for that, but the main one is that I generally don’t like to cover the face I spent hours working on in the character creator (I really did spend hours the first time around, and later spent a few more making tweaks with my first Fantasia). As such, even when I do use headgear of some kind, it’s nearly always an eyepatch or glasses. Before I switched to the Minfillia hair, I also favored some of the game’s circlets, but many of them are centered on the forehead in such a way that they don’t work well alongside the style’s lopsided nature.

I was looking for something to go alongside the Togi last night, and I didn’t want to go to my normal Elegant Rimless Glasses, as despite the name, they didn’t quite fit the elegant look of the body piece and I immediately realized I didn’t even know what the i250 headpiece looked like, so I tried it on. Much to my surprise and delight, it’s lopsided on the left side, opposite Alahra’s bangs, making for a nice accessory that should work for a number of glamours.

love this thing. The cloth portion dyes, which makes it really flexible in matching up with accent colors on other pieces. Right now I’ve got it in Dalamud Red to go along with the Togi’s natural color, but in the event that I go back to my last glamour for Ninja, I’ll be able to dye it blue to match the sash and the tassles on the back of the Iga Ningi.

Before this, Ninja didn’t have much in the way of “head jewelry.” It’s had a handful of nice circlets, but there’s usually something about each one that I don’t care for, such as with the Dreadwyrm and Demon Circlets of Scouting, which have the huge wing and horn on them, respectively. Others are a bit plan (like the various ones for low level Disciples of Magic). The Baron Circlet wasn’t too bad for the Iga set, but it doesn’t really work with my new hair.

It probably seems really small but I think this is one of the pieces of gear I’m most excited about in 3.4 now. The Aiming and Striking versions are also really nice, but they’re not as crucial since Monk and Bard in particular have some pretty nice headpiece options.

But anyway, happy weekend everybody. If this glamour lasts through the weekend, I’ll probably show the full thing on Monday!

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