Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #6

I’m at a really strange place with my Ninja glamour right now. Eastern gear is fairly rare for Ninja, as I’ve discussed before, so there’s a part of me that very much wants to use the Lady’s Togi (even if it’s not really a direct fit culturally for Ninja). I also love the overall profile of it, and it looks absolutely lovely on Alahra. But it’s also a lot “flimsier” than I normally glamour. It’s enough like the Temple Cyclas that I’m generally okay with that (what works for Monk will generally work for Ninja, to me, in a “realism” sense), but that flimsiness is making it really hard to find other pieces that go along with it.

I spent all weekend fiddling with gloves and boots and leg pieces to create something that seemed feasible for actual combat use, and at one point on Saturday I gave up, deciding that it would just be better to go back to my Iga Ningi. But something weird happened when I did: I immediately missed the Togi. That very rarely happens: usually if I go back to a glamour, it’s after a long time of using something else, which has happened numerous times with the Ningi. But I had gone back to the Togi within a matter of minutes, which said to me I needed to keep working on it.


Glamour Components
Head: Scintillant Circlet of Scouting (Dalamud Red Dye) | Body: Lady’s TogiHands: Thavnairian Gloves (Dalamud Red Dye) | Legs: Bridesmaid’s Tights (Jet Black Dye) | Feet: Scion Healer’s Halfboots

I’m still not satisfied with this look completely—the only pieces I’m sure I’m keeping are the Togi itself and the Scintillant Circlet. The gloves, tights, and boots are all on a probationary period, though, ready to be scrapped at the slightest problem I find with one of them. Overall I think the boots are going to be safe (unless I can find a pair that will let me dye the Togi Pure White, which would be my preference), and the tights do look better than the Lady’s Knickers that I was using at first with the Togi. But the gloves…

Oh, the gloves. Unlike the Temple Cyclas, the Togi doesn’t have any armored bits anywhere, with the most noticeable difference being on the shoulders. That makes glove choices really limited: they need to be sleek, elegant, and ideally protective, while at the same time not clashing with the gold and silver jewelry from the Togi. Spoilers: Ninja basically has nothing that meets all of those criteria!

Over the elbow gloves tend to look best with the Togi, I think, and most of the options Ninja has are far too bulky (I think the best choices belong to healers, casters, and Bard, at this point). The Witch’s Gloves would work were it not for the orange ribbon on them, and while the new Shire Emissary’s Gloves could work, I’m skeptical enough after trying them on (due to their shape, mostly) that I don’t want to spend the Scripture on a pair of Accuracy/Skill Speed gloves this early in the patch cycle.

At first, I was using the new Griffin Leather Gloves, which were at least neutral enough that they didn’t outright clash with anything. I wanted to use the Sky Pirate’s Gloves of Scouting, which had the best profile for my tastes, but the brown on them meant they were out of the question. The Thavnairian Gloves work pretty well alongside the silver and gold from the Togi, and their profile at least isn’t out of place. If they were longer (at least past the wrist), I’d be using them without concern. They’re still the best thing I’ve found so far that’s available to Ninja.

So that’s where I am! The look survived multiple dungeon runs, Trials, and various other things over the weekend so it’s got potential. But I still feel like it’s needs something. Hopefully, I can find that without having to wait for new gear in 3.5!

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