Altventure #2: Catching Up

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these. I meant to do one, oh, gosh, a couple months ago, and I never got around to it. Not long after my first post in the series, I kept working on Lynahra, with MSQ forays into the Tam-Tara Deepcroft…


…and Copperbell Mines…


…which was enough to get her Gladiator to level 22 for Provoke. After that, it meant it was time to start working on Marauder again. But with 3.3 releasing right around the same time and the fact that I just can’t stand playing Marauder, Lynahra got put on the backburner for a long time. It didn’t help that I had taken up Dark Knight on Alahra for awhile, either.

But nearing the tail end of 3.3, I started thinking about what I would have done for each of the two sisters class-wise if I had the opportunity to start over from scratch, focusing on one class of each of the five main roles (tank, melee DPS, healer, ranged DPS, and caster). I had always meant for Lynahra’s melee DPS to be Dragoon, and while I don’t care much for the class at 50 and beyond, I realized I enjoyed it a lot more than Marauder/Warrior. I started thinking about maybe taking Lancer/Dragoon to 50 for her instead, and then going into Dark Knight, but the prospect of slogging up to level 22 again kept me from doing so.

But then, we got a blessing from Square Enix in the form of the Far Eastern Garb for women. I didn’t notice this when I got it for Alahra, but if you wear all three pieces, it offers a 30% experience point boost under level 30, and since I had already resolved to buy a “jump potion” for Lynahra if they ever add one, I thought getting that might encourage me to level her the old fashioned way.


I’m happy to report that the XP boost has done the trick (well, that and a new hair style!). Going through the Lancer story again has been bittersweet, as I’ve always felt the guildmaster is a total prick, but the story actually quite fits my conception of Lyn’s character in a role-playing sense, so I’ve been plowing through.

Within a just a few hours of leveling, I had gotten Lancer caught up to her Marauder level, and by the next day, it had surpassed her Gladiator, too, which meant it was time to tackle Ifrit!


While she can’t glamour yet, I’ve found a look that works well enough, using the Brand-New Gloves with the Lady’s Togi in a nice Currant Purple, which you can see below as Lynahra does everything she can not to deck Alphinaud in his smug, overly pompous mouth.


As might be expected, Lynahra joined the best Grand Company, although I actually wanted to make her Immortal Flames for something different. But after the “standard-waving” by the three cities, I still liked Maelstrom the best (and it also makes the most sense in-character, too).


My plan is to start regularly doing Leveling and Guildhest Roulettes with her at the least, so I can slowly get her to level 50. Considering we’re probably at least 8 or 9 months out from the release of 4.0, that should give me plenty of time to get her to 60 on Dark Knight and caught up on everything, so that I can then move forward with her as my DRK instead of Alahra (and freeing  up Alahra to focus on Paladin like she’s “supposed” to).

Of course, I’ve said that before, so who knows if I’ll actually stick to it! But I’m going to try! I’m already starting to plan glamours for her once she hits level 50, though, so that’s one carrot on a stick that’s very likely to motivate me in the long run!

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