Fashion Favorites: Drachen Armor

My Dragoon glamour is basically nonexistent right now: I’ve been getting lucky with drops for it from the new 3.4 dungeons, and since I basically put no effort into gearing it, all of them have been fairly significant upgrades. At times like this, I often don’t keep my glamour fully attached to the new pieces and whatever class it is tends to look pretty mismatched. At the moment, I’m mostly wearing enough of the new Valkyrie Maiming gear that I don’t look completely disheveled, but it’s still left me at a point where I need to figure out a new look for Dragoon.

At the moment nothing’s particularly exciting me as far as Dragoon gear goes, though. I had mind a couple weeks ago to play around with the Drachen Armor, and I set out to make a new glamour with it, as it’s actually my favorite Artifact set in the game even though I don’t play or even like Dragoon all that much. The set’s at once iconic but also not over the top (especially compared to the Dragonlancer’s set from Heavensward). It also works in a variety of colors and just screams “Dragoon,” in a way that not all Artifact armor does for its respective class (that’s mostly a problem for the newer AF2 sets, though—several of them don’t quite hit the right “iconic” notes, in my opinion).


But even though I love the set, it’s not something I’ve done much glamouring with. And that’s because the look I prefer for it is fairly common (less so now, but it was quite common at 50). This is the full set of Drachen Armor, with the legs swapped out for the Light Steel Subligar, all in Midnight Blue. I’ve done the same look in Dalamud Red, Metallic Silver, and probably a few other colors I’m forgetting.

Since the look itself is fairly “standard” and it uses just about the entire set, I’ve never really done a spotlight for it, and I’m always reluctant to make it my main glamour. I did use it going from 50 to 60, but once I got there I put in the time to make a glamour that was less “default.”

I might go back to it for awhile since I’m not really playing Dragoon, though, and I think I may end up fiddling with newer gauntlets and boots with it to see if I can make a “proper” glamour using at least the body piece. It just looks so good alongside the rest of the set that’s honestly hard to pass up.

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