Glamour Spotlight Double Feature: Bard & Casters (All Saints’ Wake 2016)

It’s really rare that I use the same look for multiple jobs/roles at once, but sometimes I get quite torn about which one looks best with the pieces in question. I’d assumed I would use the new Vampire’s Vest for Casters since first seeing it, as they’ve a lot of black and red pieces that would probably go along well with it. After I finished the first post for All Saints’ this year, I spent a little time fiddling around with the vest in my apartment, though, and I remembered, specifically, the Bogatyr’s Gloves, and how the faux claws on them would look really cool with the Vest.

That meant a Ranged DPS glamour was also a huge draw, since the Aiming Bogatyr’s stuff has the sharpest look. The Augmented Choral Chapeau looked great for a kind of dashing swashbuckler look with the Vest (and makes me really bothered that females can’t wear the Riviera Doublet for a non-seasonal version of the look I ended up with). So, before I ever got around to fiddling with Caster glamours, I had a Bard one, and I intended to showcase that today.

But then I remembered that the Casting Bogatyr’s stuff matches very well with the Vest’s default color scheme, and well…I couldn’t decide! Since these looks are overall so similar, I’m showing them off both at once (Bard is first, Caster second):


Glamour Components (Bard/Caster)
Head: Augmented Choral Chapeau (Jet Black Dye) / (none) | Body: Vampire’s Vest (Jet Black Dye / no dye) | Hands: Bogatyr’s Gloves of Aiming / Casting | Legs: Survival Halfslops / Darklight Breeches of Casting (both Pure White Dye) | Feet: Bogatyr’s Thighboots of Aiming / Casting | Ears: Pumpkin Earrings


I’m pretty conflicted about which look I like better. I like the colors overall more on the Caster version, but I couldn’t find a solid headpiece to go with it, and I just love the Chapeau for Bard with the Vest. Bard also has the nice added touch of the Shadow Bow, which has a bat motif—I can’t think of anything similar that Casters have access to (though I’m not incredibly wise on Black Mage weapons, so I could be missing something). I’m using the High Allagan weapons for both Black Mage and Summoner right now, since the glow on them kind of matches the Pumpkin Earrings, which is neat.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the season. I’ve always had a soft-spot for Halloween events in MMOs—I suppose I owe that to WoW, where the Headless Horseman event was always such a highlight for me. I’ve got one more glamour ready for Monday, and I’d like to do a tank glamour, but I’m having a tough time figuring out how to go about that one. It’s going to take some ingenuity, since so much of the All Saints’ gear is light armor.

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