Glamour Spotlight: Healers #14

Yesterday saw the release of Patch 3.45 and with it came the next stage of the Anima questline. With most stages of the quest, I’ve largely taken my time (relatively, anyway), relying mostly on Tomestones from Daily Roulettes to finish at a relaxed pace. This i260 stage is so quick, though, that I started grinding Tomestones—the end was in sight practically from the beginning, which made me want it all that much more.

Normally when I hit the point where I’m at the home stretch and start grinding to finish up, I do most of my dungeon runs on healer, but my healers were still running around in All Saints’ Wake gear, so I decided to put something together really quick just to keep that from distracting me too much. The plan had been to duplicate my current glamour for casters as a temporary measure, since, as far as I knew, the Star Velvet sets for both were just palette swaps. However, I soon found out that this wasn’t the case: the Star Velvet Bottoms of Healing are shorter than the Casting version, which basically killed the look.

Since I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this one (I had dungeon runs to do!), I found the next best pair of pants with a similar shape (the High Allagan Pantaloons) and went from there.

Glamour Components
Head: Ironworks Optics of HealingBody: Holy Rainbow Shirt of Healing (Dalamud Red Dye) | Hands: Star Velvet Long Gloves of Healing (Jet Black Dye) | Legs: High Allagan Pantaloons of HealingFeet: Archaeoskin Halfboots

I rather like the Star Velvet gloves alongside the shirt here, as they take care of my  biggest problem with it (the sleeves), and they’ve got bits of gold that work well alongside the metal bits on the shirt. I fiddled around with a number of different tops, from the Hempen Camise (since I was using it on caster with the Long Gloves and liked it) to various crafting tops, but everything else I tried didn’t have the right balance of colors, so even though I was using the Holy Rainbow Shirt on tank too, I stuck with it.

Though I took the pictures on Scholar, I was mainly running on Astrologian yesterday, so I went with the Ironworks Optics—I’m not really sure what it is, but I’ve always really liked it for Astrologian glamours.

I’m already pondering different things to do with healer so I imagine I’ll have another one up soon, but I actually liked how well all of the colors came together here enough that I felt it was worth posting. I still really like the skirt portion of the Star Velvet Bottoms, so if I can find a good pair of boots to go along with it I think I may try it again sometime soon. However, I have several other glamours on my to-do list (a new one for Ninja to go along with the Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince and glamours for BRD/MCH, MNK, and DRG, all of whom are just wearing un-glamoured i250 crafted gear right now), so it may be a little while before I get back to healer.

Thankfully, with the Anima step being so short, though, I won’t feel bad about wasting so many hours on glamour while my other Animas are waiting to be done, now that Ninja is out of the way!

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