Glamour Spotlight: Ninja #5

For the first time in Heavensward, I’ve been able to put together a look for Ninja that not only doesn’t clash with my current-stage Anima weapon but also actually works well with it—everything clicks for me in a very satisfying way. During ARR, I was able to do that with the Sasuke’s Blades Zeta with a glamour I’ve shown off here before. Ever since that glamour, I’ve wanted to do that with each step of the Anima questline, but I’ve had a lot of trouble for various reasons.

The funny thing is that I probably could have been using this glamour back at the i240 Spurs of the Thorn Prince stage, but I resisted—something was missing, and I’ve come to think it’s actually the glow. It’s no secret that I remain a huge junkie for over the top weapon glows (with the Nexus Zodiac stages still remaining my favorites), and I’ve been able to pinpoint part of it for Ninja: there’s something about the twirl and the graphical effects of Gust Slash that make glowing daggers very satisfying to me, which is why I’ve come back to the Yoshimitsu Nexus so often (and I re-glamoured them over my Heavy Metal Daggers while waiting for the next Anima stage to drop).

Glamour Components
Scinitllaint Circlet of Scouting (Royal Blue Dye) | Body: (Antiquated) Iga NingiHands: Serpentskin Bracers of Scouting (Jet Black Dye) | Legs: Warwolf Kecks of Striking (Royal Blue Dye) | Feet: Kirimu Sandals of Scouting (Royal Blue Dye)

The other funny thing about this look is I’ve used every piece of it before, barring the new Scintillant Circlet, so this post also doubles as something of a Looking Back post. Back when Esoterics were released, I got the Antiquated Iga Ningi as soon as the cap would allow, despite its horrible Accuracy/Skill Speed stat array because of the look, and this was the look I put together around it before I could dye it, with the Baron Circlet subbing in for the Scintillant one. The former doesn’t work as well with Alahra’s newer hair, though, so I didn’t want to use it again.

I’ve always loved the way the Serpentskin Bracers gel with the Ningi and the way the Kecks work with the Sandals (which should be obvious since I’ve used them a couple times for Monk, too), but once I got the dyeable Iga Ningi and was then focused on using Pure White, I couldn’t make the look work anymore. The Warwolf Kecks are the only one of that model that dye the shorts instead of the leggings (which makes them work well for the base Ningi, since it’s black), and none of the other Kecks have shorts that work with the Pure White Ningi. The Serpentskin Bracers also don’t dye well in Pure White for this look, since they stand out a lot more, making them feel like they don’t belong.

I never really thought to come back to this look despite the Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince having a glow that has hints of blue in it, alongside the weapon’s naturally blue and black color scheme. I’ve been so fixated on the Ningi in White for so long that it’s become synonymous with Alahra in my mind. But a day or two ago, another Ninja ran by me with the body glamoured in its default scheme and the Sharpened Spurs, and I couldn’t help myself (they had the full set glamoured, though, if I remember right, which isn’t really my cup of tea). I probably wouldn’t have thought to give this a go again if it weren’t for that, so here’s a nod to them, though I didn’t see their name since I play with nameplates off for the most part.

It feels good to have come full circle in Heavensward in a way for Ninja, now that we’re nearing the expansion’s end. Of course, knowing my luck, the final Anima stage (which I assume will have a glow to work around) will be some gods-awful color like the Hyperconductive Kannagi did, so who knows if this look is going to stand the test of time. I would love to go into Stormblood wearing the Ningi though, so I’m crossing my fingers that even if the color doesn’t mesh well with the base scheme, I can dye the body to match the final stage in some way.

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