Fashion Frustrations: Amatsu Togi

I had wanted to have a new glamour ready for today, either for Monk or Dragoon, since they’re both still sitting around in an unglamoured state. I couldn’t tell you why, but I instead ended up fixating on the Amatsu attire and realized I never made a Ninja glamour for it. On top of that, I’d basically never used the Amatsu Togi for anything (outside of the first week or so, when I had it glamoured on most jobs out of nostalgia). So, I started playing around a bit, pondering what other pieces I might combine it with, and I’m happy to report—


Who am I kidding? The post title gives it away. I didn’t get anywhere. Ninja doesn’t have much of anything with red, white, or gold to work with, and the Togi itself is so stylized that even when you use dyeable pieces in an attempt to compliment it, nothing really seems to work. About the only thing I found that I liked was the Scintillant Circlet. For the other slots, nothing came up really that felt worth using over the other pieces of the set.

I ended up having the same problem with Monk and Dragoon. All three classes do have access to the Yasha/Asura gear from Centurio Seals, but all of that stuff has very stubborn purple bits that definitely don’t work well alongside the Amatsu’s style. If only the Amatsu pieces were dyeable themselves, I feel like I’d be able to come up with something—but from what I understand, the items themselves are of a rare class of items in the game that don’t have the data necessary to dye at all. Most items have the capability of being dyed, normally, even if the toggle isn’t available for them in game—the dyeing patterns are already there, and such (which is how we occasionally find that some items are made dyeable after release, like the old Darklight sets).

But there are some, like the Amatsu attire, the Wild Rose attire, and the Dreadwyrm weapons, that can’t be dyed at all, even when messing around with model view programs and the like. So it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see a dyeable version of the set. I would love to get perhaps another version of it, though, a little simpler, that might serve as gear for Ninja or Monk (or presumably, Samurai) in 4.0.

Until then though, I’m going to be sad that I’m not really able to use it.

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