Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #3

For reasons unknown to me, it’s essentially been Nostalgia November here on the blog. Every glamour I’ve put together since the start of the month has, in some way, been a return to an old favorite, from my first “real” Ninja glamour for Heavensward to revisiting the Kirimu Coat, an eternal love of mine. The last glamour I showcased that was really largely new was for Black Mage/Summoner was at the very end of October (and it’s had some real staying power, considering I’m playing Black Mage daily and haven’t made any significant changes outside of dyeing the glasses a different color).

All this is to say that, yet again, I’m nostalgic. Regular readers probably know by now that I used to pretend I was a Monk main, despite playing Scholar in just about all content (because I was and am I really mediocre Monk). Some of my favorite Monk pieces in the game go back to the dark times before we had Ninja and I could finally properly satisfy Alahra’s “class canon,” and that’s where today’s glamour comes from. This isn’t a proper Looking Back entry, though, since I’m actually using this one.

Glamour Components
Head: Scintillant Circlet of Striking (Wine Red Dye) | Body: Fistfighter’s JackcoatHands: Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Striking (Jet Black Dye) | Legs: Guardian Corps SkirtFeet: Saurian Boots of Striking (Jet Black Dye)

I’ve tried many times since the launch of Heavensward to use the Archaeoskin Jackcoats for various glamours, but the looks I’ve made (only a couple of which have shown up here) generally don’t last, and I think I finally figured out why: the original Fistfighter’s Jackcoat just looks better, despite being undyeable. As is so often the case with dyed items, some of the Coat’s accents dye inconsistently on the Archaeoskin versions, making it feel a little less cohesive. It still works in certain dark colors, but nothing quite compares to the original Fistfighter’s one to me.

The black leather and gold studs work naturally well with my standard Allagan Gauntlets, which was another thing I’d kind of forgotten—the Gauntlets don’t work quite as well alongside the newer versions of the coat (the Crafting version has silver studs instead, and the Gathering one has green-ish leather). The Saurian Boots, I think, look a lot better with the top than the Fistfighter’s Jackboots, which have way too much gold going on, given how little is actually in the top itself (I suppose they work better if you use the Fistfighter’s Goggles, but…eww!).

The final piece of the puzzle is the Guardian Corps Skirt—this gem, which I don’t use as often since I don’t play Monk anymore, was my staple for the job back in those days. I’m not really sure what it is about it, but it just screams Pugilist to me (if not specifically Monk), and I think in terms of profile it’s a great fit with the Jackcoat, as opposed to Lady’s Knickers which is what I was going to use originally (alongside—big surprise here—the Scion Healer’s Highboots). But something about those two wasn’t clicking, so I ended up going all in on the nostalgia and recreating the old look, with only the Scinitllant Circlet being added since I really like it.

With Monk now done again, all of my jobs have new glamours to accompany the i250 crafted sets I picked up in late October. Some of them, like Tank and Healer, are probably due for makeovers, since both of those were admittedly a bit slapdash. One of them will likely end up keeping the general look, but I’m not sure which one. I expect I’ll have a glamour for one of the two, at a minimum, next week.

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