Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #9 (Looking Back)

Back in the dark days before we were blessed from on high with dyeable Allagan replicas, we had to deal with at times frustrating color choices on the original Allagan gear (the High Allagan gear, in general, was much better). When it comes to the Physical DPS Allagan sets in particular, there are some oddities in play that I’ve never really understood. At some point, the team changed the models of some of the Aiming and Maiming pieces in the sets—I wasn’t level 50 yet at the time, so I don’t know what the original colors were—and the results have always puzzled me a bit.

In particular, the Aiming Gauntlets seem to match the Maiming Sollerets (since both have grey at the top), while the Maiming Gauntlets seem better paired with the Aiming Sollerets (since both of those have black at the top instead). The white and black Aiming Trousers also seem to fit better alongside the Maiming Gauntlets (and the Maiming Cuirass looks much better with the Aiming Trousers, too, since it has more white and black than the Aiming one). Especially compared to the Striking set, which has a completely unified green and black scheme where everything that you would expect to be the same color is the same color, the Aiming and Maiming sets just feel off.

But I’m kind of rambling, aren’t I? I guess I just needed to get that off my chest, given the subject of today’s old Ranged DPS glamour, which served Bard and Machinist while I leveled them in early Heavensward (it may have just been Bard—I can’t quite remember for sure, but I think it was both). I think I went through three or four different looks for them on the way to 60, so there are still depths to mine here, but this one was an attempt to do something with the Allagan Gauntlets and Sollerets before we could dye them.


Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Gathering (Nophica Green Dye) | Hands: Allagan Gauntlets of AimingLegs: Cashmere Skirt of Aiming (Jet Black Dye) | Feet: Allagan Sollerets of Aiming

Since this was a leveling glamour (that I only used until 52, I think, when I could wear the Holy Rainbow Shirt), I put it together from things I already had—if I were to go back to the look for a present day glamour, I’d almost certainly use the Direwolf Skirt of Aiming, which doesn’t have the diamond pattern along the bottom and also dyes in a single tone. The grey on the Cashmere Skirt when dyed Jet Black is sort of nice since it keys off the grey on the Gauntlets and the scarf from the Jackcoat, but it’s not the same grey, so it bothers my delicate sensibilities!

There’s not a green dye that truly matches the green on the Allagan Gauntlets here, but the base shade of Nophica is fairly close. It’s a little bit lighter, but it’s hard to notice unless you’re looking closely at it, and with the general range of greens that show up on the dyed Jackcoat, the difference in green on the gauntlets doesn’t particular stick out. The rest of the look is fairly self explanatory, I suppose, from there. As might be expected, when I wore this on Bard, I threw the Augmented Choral Chapeau on top (because why wouldn’t I?), but since I took screenshots on Bard with the last Ranged glamour, I went for Machinist on this one.

I’m definitely itching at this point for some new gear to work with—in the end, 3.4 didn’t add a great deal of stuff that I’ve been particularly excited about that I’ve not already used. There are a few things that I want to make sure of once 3.5 hits and I can get Gobtwines without raiding, but that’s still a month and a half away! Weekends are always a good time to fiddle with stuff, though, so with luck I’ll have not just more old glamours but a new one for next week, too.

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