Glamour Spotlight: Casters #9

It took a very long time, but I finally got enough inspiration to change my glamour for casters. I’d been using the same one since the end of October, which is a really long time for a glamour to last for a job that has more or less become my main in practice even if technically (my main will forever and always be Ninja). I never really found a problem with that glamour, though, except that I had been using it for so long and on some level, I wanted change. It took a very long time to find my Muse, though, because nothing ever felt worth changing it over.

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Eastern Lady’s TogiHands: Gloves of the Black Griffin (Jet Black Dye) | Legs: Evenstar TightsFeet: Scion Healer’s Halfboots

I’ve always felt like I never got enough use out of the Lady’s Togi (other than a single Ninja glamour), and I got the itch to try it out to pair with my S.O.’s glamour for Summoner, which uses it in Jet Black, since we’ve been running as Black Mage/Summoner for dungeons lately. She was already using the overall look I would have gone with myself, and I didn’t want to copy things exactly, so I had a puzzle to solve. Sometimes all I need is a nut to crack to get the glamour wheels spinning I suppose.

Everything ended up coalescing around the Evenstar Tights. I liked the way the fishnets paired with the slits in the gown. I waffled between those, for a black and red color scheme, or the Serpentskin Tights of Casting (in Jet Black) for a black and purple one. In the end, the Evenstar Tights won out, as there’s no purple to dye the dress that matches the purple on the Serpentskin ones, and there weren’t any good boots for the color scheme. From there, the gloves and boots were pretty much no-brainer choices, though I did resist the Gloves of the Black Griffin for a bit because I felt they have too much red on the back.

Now, the truth is, this glamour didn’t actually make it through the weekend! I put it together on Friday and played it through the weekend, and while I’m quite happy with it, I think it fits better alongside Summoner than Black Mage in terms of casting animations and such. So, I also have another glamour for casters slated for Wednesday that I put together yesterday. I thought this one was notable enough to still post even if it came and went relatively in between the posting schedule, though!

I might consider using this for Scholar in some fashion (probably with different colors, since Scholar can’t use the Evenstar Tights, though), so I may yet come back to the Togi. In fact, I hope I do, because it’s still gorgeous (and was also pricey)!

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