Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #14

As of today, it has officially been one year since I started this blog. I’ve never maintained a blog for this long before, so it’s a little surreal to me that I’ve kept this going—and even more surreal that I see no possibility that I’ll be stopping anytime soon. In an instance of serendipity, it just happens that I have the opportunity to post a new Ninja glamour today, exactly  one year to the day that I posted the very first one.

Since I’ve been playing Frontlines more often, I decided to put together a more appropriate gearset for that to avoid wasted Accuracy. That’s something I’ve wanted an excuse to do for a long time, really, as it gives me an excuse to have a second Ninja glamour. But I’ve never really taken to FFXIV’s PvP to any real degree, so I never got around to doing it. At present, I’m only using one piece that’s present in my normal Ninja gearset, which gave me the freedom to create a different look from my other one.

Glamour Components
(none) | Body: Chivalric Coat of Scouting (Currant Purple) | Hands: Brand-new GlovesLegs: Light Steel Subligar (Currant Purple) | Feet: Direwolf Thighboots of Striking (Jet Black)

Since I’ve gone back to using my Yoshimitsu Nexus, I had strong incentive to go with something purple to keep off the purple on the weapons’ hilts. There’s no purple that specifically matches them, unfortunately, but Currant usually works fairly well alongside them. I’ve been wanting to use the Direwolf Thighboots for awhile now, and this was a natural time to ponder them again. That led me easily to the Brand-new Gloves, and then to the Direwolf Shirt of Striking as well.

I couldn’t find leg piece that I liked in combination with those three, though. I played around with the Guardian Corps Skirt (for a look like one of my other recent Ninja glamours), but I didn’t think that worked as well with the Direwolf Shirt as it does with the Saurian version. Then I fiddled with the Iga Ningi in purple instead (which is another thing I’ve been trying to get to work for awhile), but the legs piece was a problem yet again. I even tried the Koga Chainmail, since that’s meant to work along side the second Yoshimitsu model, but as with the Ninja Chainmail, I wasn’t a fan of the muscle plating (and the Koga version has a range of problems of its own anyway).

Eventually I came back to the Chivalric Coat, since its base color scheme is purple. That purple doesn’t match the Yoshimitsu so well, so Currant was the best choice after that. The overall look is of course just a variation on my usual for the Coat and its various other models, but I’m a big fan of the way the silver on the boots lines up with the silver on the coat. The only problem I have right now is that since I’m using the same headpiece on both Ninja glamours, I can’t have silver glasses for this one. I might dig around and see if I can’t find another headpiece with the right stats just so I can do that.

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