Glamour Spotlight: Healers #18

I’ve been running around with an in-progress glamour for Healer for…I don’t know, a week. As I’d mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been collecting PvP gear via Frontlines Roulettes, and the first or second piece I picked up was the lovely Makai Moon Guide’s Gown. I wasn’t sure I was going to use it, but of all the Garo designs, it’s probably my favorite overall, so I knew I at least wanted to play around with it. Of course, since the gown is all the rage right now, I also wanted to really be sure I liked the look before committing to it. On top of that, I wanted to make some effort to move away from at least some of my staples.

Since I’m posting a healer glamour, I obviously got to a point where I was satisfied enough to commit…

Glamour Components
High House ClocheBody: Makai Moon Guide’s GownHands: Makai Moon Guide’s Fingerless GlovesLegs: Light Steel Subligar (Jet Black) | Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

…but the obvious presence of both the Subligar and the Highboots will show I didn’t get too far outside of my comfort zone. I actually picked up the Makai Moon Guide’s Longboots (which are not nearly long enough to be called Longboots, NA localization team! >.>) as well and played with those alongside the Arachne Culottes of Healing, but I couldn’t get the colors to line up in a way I liked (not to mention I try to avoid using three or more pieces from the same set, and I definitely wasn’t giving up the gloves). After that, I played with the Gown dyed Pure White for awhile with the Expeditioner’s Thighboots (signalling a quick shift back to my norm), but overall I don’t feel that the Gown dyes very well.

I didn’t like the Expeditioner’s boots with the Gown’s default colors, though, and while pondering that I realized there’s just enough red for the Highboots. At that point, I was completely in normal territory. I even had glasses glamoured, but I didn’t feel like the Gown really fit all that well with them.


I’d been pondering circlets and other headpieces for a few days—with a lot of sadness over the fact that none of the various hair corsages matched the red on the Gown—before I thought to try on the Cloche. I’ve never used it before, but it’s one of the few hats in the game that I like. It’s just always been difficult to find a body piece that really clicks alongside it for me. There’s something about the dress, though that, despite the leather and chains, makes it seem sort of elegant to me, and the Cloche made everything come together for.

Of course, I figured this out while working on my Aetheric Condensation grind for Scholar. Since Scholar’s 270 Anima has a blue-green glow, I’m not sure I’m going to keep this look in the end, which is kind of unfortunate, since I’m quickly growing very fond of it. It should serve me well over the course of the next several days while I work on the weapon, though!

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