Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #13 (Looking Back)

I mentioned a couple days ago on Twitter that tank glamour problems are keeping me from really digging into the Anima light grind for my Paladin, and the situation hasn’t really changed much. I was never completely sold on my last tank glamour. All of the colors and the like lined up very well, but the overall thematics just felt very off for Paladin. The look was too dark—it bothered me a lot less on Dark Knight, though even in that case, I wasn’t satisfied.

I’ve been thinking on what to do for my tanks a lot the past several days, and I’ve had four glamours or so that I’ve put on and then quickly removed (three of them were yesterday!). One of those is an old glamour I used around the time I first got Dark Knight to 60, and while it’s not a look I plan on keeping now, it’s one that I’m fond enough of that I felt like it would be worth posting here.

Glamour Components
Head: Reading Glasses (Celeste Green) | Body: Orthodox Coat of FendingHands: Othrodox Gauntlets of FendingLegs: Light Steel Subligar (Celeste Green) | Feet: Orthodox Greaves of Fending

Once I hit 55 on Dark Knight, I set about spamming The Aery to get the Orthodox Coat, and my luck was terrible. I didn’t see it drop until I was halfway through level 58—thankfully, this was before the experience point buffs to The Vault, so I wasn’t actually missing out on all that much experience. Once I got it, I kept it glamoured for a rather long time, more or less as presented here. Initially, I used a different eyepiece, though, so if you’re interested, here’s some vintage my-graphics-card-was-awful-and-so-was-my-hair-Alahra:


The Skull Eyepatch became a Dark Knight staple for me sometime in the 40s, when I swapped over to the Sentinel’s armor set. It looks really out of place with Alahra’s new hair, though, and I like it a lot less now that I’m back to focusing on Paladin for my tanking. I’d forgotten how cool the Baldur Blade is though, now that I’m looking at these old screenshots…

Beyond that there’s not a great deal I need to say here, I suppose. I’ve said a lot about my love for the coat’s model in previous tank glamours. I’d imagine if we had a dyeable version of the Coat, my tank glamour troubles would be a thing of the past, as my only real problem with both versions of the model comes down to colors. With any luck, I’ll have something more concrete for tank soon, as I’d really like to get my last two 270 Anima weapons done before the next stage comes in.

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