Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #15

So, I really hate the loot system for normal mode Alexander, but after closing in on 30 runs of A12, I finally got the four Tarnished Alexandrian Shafts I needed to pick up the centerpiece for my new tank glamour. I’d had it in the back of my mind to try out the body for a couple of weeks now, but I hadn’t gotten the motivation to farm it until the end of last week. It ended up being a lot of work to collect something I only intended to use for a glamour (and that I wasn’t positive I’d end up using in the end). I stuck out the grind, though, and finally got somewhere, even if it nearly cost my sanity.

Glamour Components
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown) | Body: Prototype Alexandrian Mail of FendingHands: Prototype Alexandrian Gauntlets of FendingLegs: Yafaemi Chain Hose of FendingFeet: Hoplite Sabatons (Jet Black)

Once I had the body, I noticed very quickly that the white lined up well with the Yafaemi Chain Hose, which was great because I’d been wanting to do something with those for ages. Since they’re sort of an off-white, I hadn’t found much that I really liked alongside them, though (the Protector’s Cuirass is one of the few pieces that naturally matches them, and it’s just…not very nice looking). The gloves also were an easy decision. I don’t normally like smaller gauntlets/gloves, but the Alexandrian ones end up creating something of an illusion that they’re longer because of the set’s overall design, so they work for me.

The tricky part ended up being the feet piece for this one. I couldn’t use my standards this time, since the Allagan Flanchard and the Orthodox Greaves didn’t have the right base color schemes. My original plan had been to farm Weeping City for the Yafaemi Sabatons, and I did spend some time doing that. I didn’t have any luck, though, and in the meantime I had been using the Steel Sabatons in Jet Black. After awhile, I started to think going full white on the legs wouldn’t look right, but the Steel Sabatons weren’t quite the right fit. The Hoplite Sabatons (I think the Iron Sabatons are the same model) have less shine when dyed, which fits the more muted black on the body better and, for me, complete the look quite well.

Now that this is finally out of the way, I should be able to start farming light on Paladin with more fervor, and it looks like I’ll have just enough time to finish both the Paladin and the Dark Knight Anima weapons before 2.55 hits at the end of February.

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