Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #15

Slowly but surely, after settling on black for a lot of my glamours, white has slowly been creeping its way back into rotation for me. It’s something of a cycle, I suppose: I give up on Pure White because it’s difficult to work with, but then I find something I like for some glamour or another that features white predominately. Once that happens, the nagging feeling that I need to try to make white work for my other glamours returns. Ninja is always the one I focus on first in these cases.

I’ve known what I wanted to try for awhile, but it was a matter of finding the right gloves for the look. Since I got the gloves I’d been waiting on finally, I was able to go back to Pure White for Ninja. I think this one will last through the end of Heavensward, but my tastes are fickle sometimes (and we do have some potential for new gear before the expansion is up, I suppose).


Glamour Components
Head: Reading Glasses (Dalamud Red) | Body: Augmented Shire Emissary’s Jacket (Pure White) | Hands: Augmented Shire Emissary’s Gloves (Jet Black) | Legs: Lady’s Knickers (Black)Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

The core of the look is the same as the last time I used the Emissary’s Jacket (it’s linked up above as one of the black glamours), but with the body in Pure White, one major change was necessary with the gloves. The Halonic Vicar’s Gloves don’t gel very well with the Jacket unless it’s black. I’d been trying to find another pair that worked alongside it in other colors but hadn’t found much luck. I experimented very briefly with the Griffin Leather Bracers of Scouting, but they just weren’t really the right style, and I didn’t like various “small” options (like the Strife Gloves).

Of course, with my general preference for elbow gloves (and the lack of options Ninja has for them), I’ve wanted to get the Scripture gloves for a long time. As has been very common for Tomestone-acquired hand pieces for Ninja, though, they have Skill Speed on them, which is generally a poor choice stat-wise because of the way Mudras eat into the global cooldown. Even with the rather poor stat distribution, the Augmented gloves have a slight edge over the pentamelded i250 gloves I’d been using prior (and they’re therefore the “best” option I can use since I no longer raid).

Since I’d gotten the 270 Shire pieces that were really upgrades out of the way for Ninja, I decided this week that I’d go ahead and finally purchase them with my weekly Scripture and upgrade them immediately with my weekly Gobtwine. Once I had them—while it wasn’t really necessary to—I dyed them Jet Black so that they matched the material of the Scion Healer’s Highboots a little better than they do in the default black.

The other (very minor) change is that the glasses are red now. Since I stuck with the Highboots, I wanted a little more red to go with their soles—that hadn’t felt necessary with the Jacket in black, since that also matched the boots in general. The red in the jacket also stands out a bit less since the gloves now cover half of the insignia on the upper arm, so it felt better to reinforce its presence as opposed to keeping the glasses gold.

The European FanFest is tomorrow, and while I most likely won’t be awake for the keynote (it’s at like 4:30 AM local time for me!), I expect Monday’s post will largely be about whatever we learn there, and also more thoughts on Stormblood in general, since we’ll then have the majority of our pre-release information out of the way. The conclusion of the FanFests will also mean the special glamour outfits are finally available—I’m not decided on whether or not I’ll use the High Summoner’s stuff yet, but I’ll probably at least showcase them as I often have with Veteran Rewards and the like.

Oh, and I suppose I should put it in writing so that I can look back on this and laugh about how wrong I was: Samurai is getting confirmed tomorrow. I know many folks think the “Sam-u Raimi” joke is a real stretch, but given the team’s general sense of humor I really think it’s the most likely hint Yoshi’s Spider-Man shirt was meant to give. Beyond Samurai, I expect we’re going to see new abilities and also get more information on the adjustments to the battle system and the existing classes. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing a third new class or job for Stormblood.

So with those predictions out of the way, I’ll see you all next week!

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