Glamour Spotlight: Healers #19

Yeah, I know I said I was gonna shoot for a Dragoon glamour this week. That’s probably not going to happen—after playing around with it, I couldn’t find anything I liked alongside the Heavy Fillibuster’s Gambison of Maiming. I do need a new Dragoon glamour, though. As folks may recall, my current one (wow, that’s from three months ago!) really doesn’t fit the general aesthetic trends of the rest of my looks at all:


But I’ve really no idea what to do. I’ll be thinking on that a lot. For the moment, the only thing I can really think is of is a glamour I’ve already used. I may go back to that for a little while, though I suppose it also doesn’t really matter since I probably won’t touch Dragoon again until several months into Stormblood (especially since Samurai is going to be on Striking gear!).

So instead of a Dragoon glamour for today, I’ve got a new one for healers that’s an evolution of an older look.

Glamour Components
Head: High House ClocheBody: Chivalric Doublet of Healing (Pure White) | Hands: Star Velvet Long Gloves of Healing (Jet Black) | Legs: Makai Moon Guide’s QuartertightsFeet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Jet Black)

After I went back to a Pure White body piece for Ninja, the darker colors for my last glamour felt out of place (especially since, even if I rarely heal these days, Scholar has a sort of “legacy” spot as an honorary secondary job). I tried using the Moon Guide’s Gown in Pure White, but the textures just don’t quite look right in that color, so I went back to one of the few other healer bodies I know of that doesn’t have any strange shading issues with that dye.

It’s a bit funny given I’d not used the High House Cloche until recently—despite it having been in the game for ages—but now that I’ve used it, I can’t seem to part with it. Since it looked really nice alongside the Chivalric Doublet, I wanted to keep it. I felt like the Moon Guide’s Fingerless Gloves were too thin in profile to work with the top, and while they weren’t really my first choice, the Star Velvet ones were the best option I could find.

The resulting look is a lot more in keeping with Alahra’s normal style for healer glamours—it’s rare for me to really stick with robes, I suppose. Shorter tops always work much better for her (and I think they’re generally more fitting for Scholar, too, probably due to a fondness for its original Artifact Armor). I’m not sure I’ll keep this one just yet—lately I’m really feeling the Sharlayan vibe of the Scripture gear and I’d like something similar for healers, but I’m not very fond of their body piece. So along with Dragoon, Healers will probably be another thing I’m thinking on in the near future.

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