Glamour Spotlight: Maiming DPS #3

I mentioned last time that I was a bit stuck on Dragoon glamours and that I had been considering going back to an older one (which has remained one of the most popular posts on the site, for reasons unknown to me), at least temporarily. That thought actually put the seed of an idea in my head, though, and so I had something to play around with. I’m actually pretty happy with the result (not that I’m super picky about Dragoon glamours since I rarely play it, I suppose…).

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Direwolf Cuirass of Maiming (Jet Black) | Hands: Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Maiming (Jet Black) | Legs: Miqo’te LoinclothFeet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Jet Black)

At the least I knew I wanted to use a different piece or two, and thinking on the Wolfram Cuirass from that old glamour, I remembered there was another model for it. I didn’t know how it dyed, but thanks to the new Fitting Room features I could check without having to spend the Wolf Marks on it. Since it dyed differently from the Wolfram one, I did a quick Frontlines Roulette and picked it up just to have it available.

Naturally, I started playing around with it, given the general white and black theme of most of my current glamours. Since I already knew the core of the look worked from using the other Cuirass, it wasn’t too difficult to get to a completed glamour here. The trickiest part ended up being the leg piece. Because of the different color balance on the Direwolf version, I needed something black, rather than the white of the Foestriker’s Skirt I used last time.

Dragoon doesn’t have much of similar length that it can rely on that’s dyeable—the Uraeus Skirt or various crafting ones were the main options here. I didn’t like how the fabric on them looked next to the Cuirass though, and ultimately settled on the Miqo’te one even if it’s a bit shorter than I would have liked. I suspect this would actually work much better if Alahra were a Hyur, since their race-specific skirt is longer, but she’s not, so I’m working with what I’ve got access to.

In the process of doing this (I guess I was on a bit of a kick), I also put together a possible new alternate PvP glam for Ninja (to slide it into the same white and black scheme as just about everything else). I need to experiment a bit with gloves for it, but I’m hoping to show that one off on Monday.

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