Glamour Spotlight: Healers #20

I’ve been looking for a new healer glamour in some fashion for a little while now. While there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the last one, I didn’t like how it fit in with the aesthetic for most of my other glamours. I’ve been leaning a lot on Shire gear, and the Chivalric Doublet of Healing just doesn’t have that same vibe to it. The trouble is, though, that I don’t like the Scripture healing robe much: it’s too uniform in color to make it really interesting. It’s also too long for my usual tastes, of course, but that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker.

So, during lull periods, I’ve been lazily browsing healer bodies and thinking. The obvious choice would have been to go with the Scion Healer’s Robe, and I did try that for awhile, but I just don’t like its shape in general. Wide-angled robes always look awkward to me on miqo’te females because they rarely fall in a way that looks natural relative to their body shapes. Sometimes I can look past it, but I have to really want to use something to get to that point. Another decent choice might have been the Ironworks Robe of Healing—it’s a little long, but it’s one of the few of that length I like, but at least with my current suit of very uniform color schemes, the Ironworks blue really stood out (and it’s difficult to work with anyway).

I originally settled on using the Company Tabard, which has the right color scheme and looks a bit more urban than the Chivalric Doublet. The tabard is long, though, which makes it pair a bit oddly with my usual thighboot choices, so I started looking for shorter boots, starting out with the High Summoner’s Boots (I never did a post on the Yuna attire, but as it turns out it looks awful on Alahra so I didn’t go to the trouble). That eventually brought me around to the Makai Moon Guide’s Longboots, and…

Glamour Components
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Jet Black) | Body: Chivalric Doublet of Healing (Pure White) | Hands: Makai Moon Guide’s Fingerless Gloves | Legs: Falconer’s Bottoms (Jet Black) | Feet: Makai Moon Guide’s Longboots (Jet Black)

…I kind of ended up where I started. I found that I really liked the way the Longboots looked with the Falconer’s  Bottoms, but the two together create a fairly rugged look, which didn’t fit very well at all with the Company Tabard. I ran around with the Falconer’s Shirt for a couple of days, but that wasn’t all that exciting—a little too plain. As much as I didn’t want to use it again (especially not so soon!), the Doublet fit the rest of the look well enough that I couldn’t see a good reason to use anything else.

Having resigned myself to going with the doublet again, the head piece and gloves needed some adjustment. I swapped in my normal glasses, since the High House Cloche was too fancy alongside the boots and pants, and the Makai gloves because they matched the fabric textures better than the Star Velvet ones did. The result works pretty well even if it’s slightly out of my normal (I can’t remember the last glamour I had on here that used actual pants…)

However, since this look doesn’t really solve the dilemma I had originally, I’m not sure how long I’ll end up keeping it. I’ve currently got my hopes pinned on the Main Scenario in 3.56—since we got fitted for clothing last time around, I’m hoping we’re going to see something nice that I can use for healers (though knowing my luck, I’ll prefer it for another role). Picking up the Shire body is low on my priority list (I’ll probably gear healer only after I have Striking gear, casters, and tanks done), but I suppose once I have it, I might find that I like it in practice more than I thought I would in theory.

Considering how rarely I heal these days, it’s not an especially huge issue, of course, but it’s one that’s probably going to be on the back of my mind for awhile, since I still feel the need to keep healer current glamour-wise, since it used to be my main role.

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